Monday, November 1, 2010


Extremely, extremely tired. Yesterday and today. Yesterday I blamed it on the partying, but seriously, I’m not that old that two drinks on Saturday night should make for an exhausted Monday.

I blame the clomid. I don’t know if that’s legit since I haven’t actually taken any in two days, but still. Clomid, it is all your fault.

I am so tired that I sat at my desk most of the day trying to decide how to spend my lunch break. At 2, I still had not taken a lunch. I walked out to my car, got in, and realized I was too tired to go anywhere. So I went back to work and decided I’ll take that 30 minutes some other time when I don’t feel miserable.

Appointment at 9:50 tomorrow. I have to remember to bring my Ovidrel with me. I thought about making myself a note, and then had a good laugh over the notion that I would forget about the appointment for a single second between now and then.

Or, I would have had a good laugh, had I not been so tired.

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Still A Guest Room said...

Hope you are feeling better and that your appointment went well!