Tuesday, November 2, 2010

12mm and 11mm

The u/t was extremely nice and gentle and she really took her time. She probably spent 10 minutes poking around, so I feel confident that she got a good look. She showed me the pictures.

I was really bummed leaving the office. I didn’t get bad news, but there were so many adorable pregnant women in the waiting room. One lady was there with her brand new baby and everyone was making a huge fuss. I felt like I might as well have been marked with a scarlet letter “I” for “Infertile” or “F” for “Freak of Nature”. Seriously, why is it so hard for some people to do this?

I’m feeling less depressed now, but still kind of blue. At least I’m not dead tired like I was yesterday!


Drevas said...

Yay for your two follies! :) I hope they grow nice and big for your Friday appointment... I am cheering them on!

Still A Guest Room said...

Grow little follicles, grow! Good luck!

mare said...

I hated seeing the pregnant women at my OBGYN's office, it was so hard. I had to sit in the waiting room and force myself NOT to cry. It is NOT fair that this is so hard for some of us.

Your two follicles sound really promising. I hope they both grow like crazy and are ready for action by Friday!

mare said...

We just commented on each other's blogs at the same time! haha. It kind of made my morning, so I just thought I would let you know ;)