Friday, November 26, 2010


That's right, my period finally started today. Welcome to clomid #3. Well, as long as my hubby has viable sperm.

A and I have been trying to stay strong about the results of his SA on Wednesday. I won't lie, I was terrified when we first got the news and I had to leave my desk to go cry in a conference room at work. But I was able to compose myself. We have decided to believe that it was the cold weather. To be fair, it was below freezing that day and A wasn't great at keeping the cup warm while he walked to the car, scraped the windshield, etc. It's very possible, probable in fact, that the weather is what killed all the sperm.

The statistics are comforting. Necrozoospermia (dead sperm) is very rare from what Dr. Google has told me. It's common to have dead sperm in a sample, but not for ALL of them to be dead. So the odds are on our side.

Thanksgiving was actually really good, and I spent all day today shopping and decorating my house. I'm so thankful for the busy holiday weekend. If I were working these four days I'd spend all my time googling and driving myself crazy with worry. I only have Monday and Tuesday to do that!

Here's to nice, living sperm on Wednesday.


Still A Guest Room said...

I really think you all will get good results on Wednesday. Keep yourself busy until then!

Drevas said...

Friday was CD1 for me too!!! :) Sorry I've been MIA... I took a break over Thanksgiving but I'm so happy I'm back and that we can be cycle sisters again! :) I will be praying that your hubby's test was just a fluke and that the next results will be great!