Sunday, November 14, 2010

HA! That's a laugh!

I am a bookworm, always have been. I love to read. So I had an hour to kill until A got home from babysitting last night, and I snuggled up on the couch with a book.

From page 7 (after a tangent about what it's like to be pregnant): "That's the strange thing about being a mother: Until you have a baby, you don't even realize how much you were missing one."

Riiiiiiight. Needless to say that book will be returned to the library unread. I spent the hour reading infertility blogs, instead.

Symptom Watch: nothing to report.

POAS dilemma (8dpo): slowly driving me insane.

*edited: I POAS. I'm glad I did. It was decisively negative. So the trigger shot is officially out of my system and I no longer have to fear a false positive. I don't think I will make an appt with the doctor. I can't bear the thought of getting the news at my desk at work, surrounded by fertile myrtles. The privacy of my home will work just fine.


Drevas said...

I totally agree with you... As much as I hate the thought of peeing on a stick, I'd rather get the news (good or bad) in the privacy of my own home.

mare said...

That sentence SUCKED.

I am with you on POAS. I am planning to do it Saturday and Sunday to make sure the trigger is gone. After that, I am going to try to wait until the day before Thanksgiving. I am one of those people who would rather know than not know and wait for the blood test (the Monday after Thanksgiving).

Good luck. I will be checking in on you!