Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Today, instead of sitting at my desk, I went to a class about Emotional Intelligence. I learned all sorts of things, like how to be an empathetic listener and yada yada yada. It was based on Myers-Briggs and was supposed to help you learn more about your "type" (I'm an INFJ).

The major thing I took away from the day was when the instructor said something about how types like mine "Don't handle ambiguity well." Oh boy!! Can we get any more accurate there people? No, I don't handle ambiguity well and what is the two week wait other than two weeks of mind-numbing ambiguity?

The problem with being PUPO is that I'm not sure how far to take it. I do a lot of yoga (by that I mean I attend class at least once a week and teach 3-4 classes a week) and I know vaguely what you can/can't do when you're pregnant. I've been trying to stick to those rules, even though it makes me feel extremely silly. I'm taking two prenatal vitamins in the morning instead of my usual one. I refused to take Ibuprofen for my killer headache this afternoon. But that's about it. I don't feel pregnant so it's hard to pretend like I am. I hope to start feeling pregnant soon, but for now, no dice.

The only symptoms I have noticed are fatigue and frequent headaches, as well as a state of feeling "flushed" a lot, especially when I'm sleeping. I think that's all progesterone. This morning I had a slight twingy feeling in my lower abdomen which may have been uterus-related and may have been imagined. I was so tired after work that I came home and took a nap for an hour, which I NEVER do.

Sorry for the incredibly boring blog post.


Still A Guest Room said...

Thinking of you during this two week wait. I hope you feel and are pregnant soon!

Drevas said...

Not a boring post at all... I look forward to your posts everyday because they are helping me get through my 2ww too! :)