Sunday, October 31, 2010

good choices

Yesterday at 5 pm I took my final clomid dose. My sonogram is on Tuesday morning. So what should I be doing between swallowing the final pill and checking to see the results?

  1. eating lots of fruits and vegetables
  2. drinking plenty of water
  3. getting lots of exercise and rest
  4. relaxing, putting myself in a Positive Mental Attitude
and what did I do last night?
  1. dressed up like a bunny
  2. got drunk on sangria
  3. stayed up too late
  4. had sex for fun (WHAT?)
  5. spent all day today being lazy as shit and eating cupcakes
I'd like to tell you that I treated myself to one final night of partying because I thought deep down it would be my last chance to drink due know...the impending pregnancy.

But really I just wanted to get drunk at my halloween party and so I did. I'm not ovulating at the moment or in the 2ww so I figured the chances of it hurting my success this cycle were theoretical. Right? 


Still A Guest Room said...

Love this! Sometimes you just need a drink in the midst of all of this!

Drevas said...

Good luck tomorrow morning! I will be thinking about you and waiting for your update! :)