Monday, November 22, 2010

This might be a two post day.

Well I just had my blood drawn because my period is still MIA. It is CD32 and I got my trigger shot 17 days ago (so 16 dpo). The doctor’s office told me to expect my period by Friday, so I am officially considering it 3 days late.

I don’t have any pregnancy tests at home and I refuse to go buy them. I am trying to look at this blood test as a formality, although of course I’m getting excited deep down that maybe my BFN on Thursday was false. After all, I didn’t use FMU and it was only 12 dpo. Mainly, though, I’m concerned that I’m not pregnant and something went wrong with this cycle which is why I haven’t started yet.

I called A on my way to the hospital and bit his head off because he keeps telling me not to get my hopes up, and damnit, I can’t help it. My period is three days late. I’m excited.

Logically, I know that my last cycle lasted 33 days, so I shouldn’t even expect my period till Wednesday. But what was up with those cramps last week? And the last cycle (clomid #1) has proven an awful thing to compare to, considering I had weird ovulation symptoms on CD 24ish and the only monitoring appt I went to was on CD 11 when they told me the clomid didn’t work. So who knows.

I thought the 2ww was over, but it turns out it’s not. Luckily, Dr. Lovely sent me to the hospital for bloodwork, which means I should know the results this afternoon, as opposed to going to her office and finding out tomorrow.

Sorry for this rambling, incoherent post. Welcome to my head.


Drevas said...

Good luck! I hope we both get good news on our blood work results today... the waiting is absolutely AWFUL.

I am keeping everything crossed for both of us...

Still A Guest Room said...

I so hope you get good results today, and I'm thankful you don't have to wait overnight. Keeping my fingers, toes, eyes, etc crossed for you!

mare said...

Good luck! I hope you get the results asap... fx. xoxo.

Amber said...

I hope you get good news and that you get the results quickly! I love the word you used a few posts back, "plimbo". Not a great place to be, but a great word for it! Hopefully you'll be out of plimbo soon!