Saturday, November 13, 2010

Feeling better!

Not a lot to update, but as I promised to write every day this month, here I am.

7dpo and nary a symptom to be found. I'm a bit tired, but I kind of am every Saturday. I feel like A and I wasted our day because we just woke up from a three hour nap, but we both needed it. I have had brief sensation down there but nothing that clearly says "cramp", and I'm worried I'm heading into a no-man's land of constipation (thanks to the progesterone). I've been trying to be a good girl and take my Benefiber supplements but I don't think they're working!

I feel a lot better after Thursday night/Friday morning's rough spot. I'm in a better place, but I'm still glad I didn't agree to babysit. Instead, I'm going to my dear friend's house and we're going to have a Glee-a-thon or a Friends-a-thon or some other fun show, we haven't decided.

Still haven't decided what to do about POAS. I don't want to put myself through testing this weekend to see if the shot is out of my system. So there really is no good reason to POAS next Wednesday as planned - if I see a positive I'll be terrified that it's false, and if I see a negative I'll need the whole day to pick the little pieces of myself up off the ground.

I'm thinking of going in on Thursday (12dpo) for a blood test, if my doctor will even allow that -- I don't know if she will. I would go Friday (13dpo), but then I wouldn't get results till Monday. I will have to call and ask what they think. Although I don't know that I really want to get the call at work during the day on Friday and have to deal with the news that way, regardless of the result.

So yeah, not a lot going on here...just the same old mindfuck that is the 2ww : )


Drevas said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better! I hope you have a fabulous time at your friend's house this evening! :)

Still A Guest Room said...

Glad you are feeling better and that you have a friend to get lost with. I think going to the doc on 12 dpo is a great plan....good luck as you continue to wait!