Tuesday, November 16, 2010

sad for friends

I get wrapped up in my own frustration, disappointment, and impatience with my lack of pregnancy, but the truth is I have not experienced true heartache yet. Searing disappointment and months of mind-numbing waiting, yes. But I am worlds away from the devastation that others feel, like what Roccie and Still a Guest Room are going through now.

When I first started reading infertility blogs, I mainly lurked in the archives of writers who had since gone on to become parents. It was still sad to read about their losses, but when it happened in 2006 it was a bit different. I had no idea how hard it would be to experience a positive pregnancy with a blog friend, real-time, and then read along as the pregnancy failed.

I hope that the aching of my heart can lighten your burdens in even the slightest way.


Still A Guest Room said...

You are truly precious...your constant encouragement has meant more than I can say. Everyone on this journey experiences their own heartaches, and yours are no lighter than anyone else's.

Roccie said...

Your post is so very thoughtful Lulu. Thank you so much for helping me to carry this burden when you have your own to manage.

I pick up yours as well. I do not discount your pain. Your first few BFN hurt like a bitch. Plus I fear you see old timers like me and think, "my law, what if I end up like her?"

Your own pain has its own scary twist. I am rooting for you Lu.