Sunday, November 7, 2010

Legs in the air

Well I feel like I have spent a lot of time this weekend either having sex or laying in bed with my legs in the air. I haven't spent much time cleaning my house, which desperately needs it, or really doing anything productive. Oh well.

I am a little confused. The trigger shot allegedly makes you ovulate within 36-40 hours. So I should have ovulated roughly between 10:15 pm and 2:15 am last night. However, I have felt none of the ovulation symptoms that I thought I had around CD25 last time. My breasts refuse to be tender no matter how much I squeeze them, and hours of staring at my underwear has yielded nary a drop of CM.

So I figure this means:

  1. I ovulated without any symptoms. A few queries to Dr. Google indicated that the trigger shot doesn't exactly give you a choice - you will ovulate shortly after receiving it.
  2. Maybe I didn't ovulate last cycle, or at least not when I thought I did. Or else, maybe regular ovulation and ovulation w/the shot create different symptoms.
Anyway, I am trying not to worry over the lack of symptoms. My hubby tells me to trust science, Dr. Lovely, and the ovidrel instead of worrying about "witchcraft", aka reading the body for symptoms. lol.

Now I embark on my two week wait, and begin progesterone suppositories tonight!

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Drevas said...

I laughed immediately when I read this post... I have been spending the majority of my weekend with my legs in the air too!

Good luck with the progesterone... I start tomorrow morning!