Friday, November 5, 2010

A very good day, indeed

My appointment today went as well as it possibly could have. I had two follicles on my left big enough to trigger. I didn’t get the exact measurements because I was close to tears with relief just seeing them on the screen. Ever since Tuesday I’ve had a dull ache of anxiety, like when I have an impending job interview, and it all melted away.

I can’t explain my happiness and relief at this news. Two follicles and I’m getting ready to ovulate. We have been trying for 11 months and this is legitimately the first time I actually get to try. My first month off the pill I (foolishly) thought I was ovulating and I thought I was experiencing the 2WW, but I wasn’t. Same with the false positive OPK I got in April. But this time I know for sure that we have a chance to get pregnant this month. I am giddy with the gift that clomid has given me.

My lining was about 7.3 I believe, they said the like to see it a bit thicker than that but it’s not too bad. No evidence that the clomid has destroyed it yet.

I got my Ovidrel shot (hardly hurt at all), and a Rx for progesterone supplements (inserted vaginally twice a day for two weeks). I wasn’t surprised about that because I did have the short luteal phase last cycle (9 days). I’m so thankful that my new OBGYN takes these extra steps to provide me the best care possible. I feel certain that the last practice wouldn’t have taken the extra precaution with the progesterone.

This is also where all the blog reading comes in handy. If I hadn’t spent millions of hours reading stories about various infertility treatments, I would be scared and appalled by the thought of inserting pills in my vagina!! But I hardly blinked at the nurse.

All of the timing works out for intercourse 24, 36 and 48 hours post shot (10am Saturday, 10 pm Saturday, 10 am Sunday – it’s going to be like our honey moon again). I asked what day I could start taking HPTs at home. The nurse told me she would prefer if I didn’t – that I should wait for my period and call for a blood test if it doesn’t come. As she was talking I was thinking “Yeah right, crazy lady.” And as soon as we got out the door I told dear A “you know I’m still going to test at home, right?” and he laughed. Of course I am.

The pregnant ladies in the office couldn’t even damper my positivity today. I was bracing myself as we parked before the appointment and said something about the pregnant ladies in the waiting room. A looked at me and said “Give me a minute and I’ll go in and throw sheets over all of them. I’ll let you know when it’s clear.” That made me laugh harder than I’ve laughed in a long time. He’s the best.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Think of me while we’re humping like bunnies at home.


Still A Guest Room said...

This is so exciting!!! Congrats on your two follicles, and good luck this weekend!

Drevas said...

I love this post... It made me so happy! I'm so excited for you! Looks like we have the exact same plans for the weekend! Let's hope for some matching BFP's in a few weeks! :)