Friday, January 28, 2011

Two big appointments

Laparoscopic surgery is scheduled for next Wednesday morning. Those of you who have had this done...any pointers?

Our appointment with the RE is Monday, May 23. Might as well be in 2015! Hopefully we won't need it, but it's comforting to have it on the books just in case.

Life is changing.


Amber said...

Good job on convincing the doctor to do the surgery! I've had laproscopic surgery to have my gallbladder removed, but never for anything reproductive. The one thing I remember from after the surgery was the pain in my shoulders that was caused from the gas they used to inflate my abdomen. But a heating pad did wonders for that. Good luck!

Jem said...

Next Wednesday? Wow, that is fast. At least you will KNOW!!!

DtheRN said...

I had an exploratory endoscopic lap. I can second Amber's distress with the shoulder pain from the carbon dioxide they blow your belly up with. It was a fairly simple process. Left me with a different belly button than I was used to and two other little scars. Pain was manageable and I was up and moving slowly by the next day. Biggest issue for me was post op nausea and vomiting. Good drugs helped me out. Good luck girl!

Still A Guest Room said...

Good luck! Maybe the RE will have an opening sooner.

Anonymous said...

Ah good luck and I'm curious to see how it goes. I think this is the next step for me too.

And thank you for your wonderful comment yesterday--it put a smile on my face.


Alex said...

Wonderful - this is great! I'm so excited for you to have this done. I think it will be great to get some answers.