Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CD 15 follicle report

Everything is still too small to trigger, but I have a juicy follicle on each ovary, both right around 16 mm (twins! twice the chance it will work! thank you ovaries!).

I go back on Thursday and assuming they keep growing, we’ll trigger and have the IUI on Friday, late morning or early afternoon. So I’ll probably come in to work Friday morning and take the rest of the day off after the IUI. It works out perfectly. I have no plans this weekend so I can just lie around getting pregnant!

We have been abstaining since my 12/31 scan. Dr. Lovely (I got to see her! More on that later) said to have intercourse tonight because she doesn’t want A abstaining for 7 days. Apparently that’s worse than only having 2.5-3 days worth of sperm. So I’m a bit nervous about that since we had so many sperm issues with him. It would have been nicer if it worked out to an even 5 days or so right before the IUI, but that’s not the case and it’s out of my hands.

Overall, I’m very happy with the way this is working out.

I did ask to see Dr. Lovely. I haven’t seen her since my initial consultation in November, and I deal exclusively with her nurses (over the phone) and her ultrasound techs who monitor my cycles. They run everything past her, but really they run the ship. This is probably very different from going to an RE, but I don’t mind it. Dr. Lovely has really incredible, sensitive, and supportive staff, unlike my last OBGYN whose staff was incompetent. They deal with a lot of infertility and PCOS and they know all the right things to say.

I was still freaking out about the bicornuate uterus and I wanted to talk to the doctor. She repeated the higher chance of miscarriage and pre-term labor, but overall said to stop worrying. She has two patients right now with that problem -- one delivered a bit early but was fine, one had to go on bed rest to stop pre-term labor but is now at 32 weeks and fine. The baby is breech and she’ll have to have a c-section, but no biggie. (the funny thing is, I think I actually know who she’s talking about, creepy huh?)

Most importantly, she told me to ignore any statistics on the internet (huge sigh of relief).

And, while I was there, I saw all the fliers sitting out for my Resolve support group, which starts next week! Hoorays all around.


Still A Guest Room said...

Yay for your two perfect follies! Hope this is the one for you!

Drevas said...

Congrats on your twins...er... follicles with the potential to become twins! :) I hope my ovaries behave as well this cycle as your's did! Are you still on 100 mg of Clomid?

I will be cheering on your follies and hoping they are both nice and big for your Thursday appointment!

Lulu said...

yep, still 100mg. they're growing...slowly but surely. : )

Denver Laura said...

2 follies are fantastic! And with the IUI, you don't need 95 million sperm in the sample. Leave the worry up to the doctors. That's what you're paying them for :)