Friday, January 7, 2011

Twinginess (it's a word people)

All throughout the evening there was definitely activity going on in my right ovary. This is the first time through our TTC journey that I have been able to point to my abdomen and say “My ovary is right HERE, because I feel it in there kicking and fussing.” It was pretty cool. There was no pain, just some strong twinginess. Definitely not gas, and definitely not mental. It’s quiet this morning.

I’m not sure if this is ovulation related or because the trigger shot is doing something to the giant paraovarian cyst on that side. The left side has been keeping quiet. They gave me the injection on the right side of my belly, but I’m sure that doesn’t have anything to do with it.

I didn’t feel anything like this the last time I had Ovidrel. In fact, the last time I didn’t feel a single thing after the shot -- nada. I’m hoping for some tender breasts this time or something. I’ve briefly wondered if zero side effects from the shot means I’ll have zero symptoms during early pregnancy, since it’s the same hormone. Only time will tell.

T minus 7 hours till insemination.  I am trying to figure out what to bring with us for the 30 minutes I have to lie on my back afterwards. It seems like we should do something together. I don’t want to possibly conceive our baby and then sit around with our noses buried in separate books. And I don’t want to spend 30 minutes talking about if it did or didn’t work. I think I’ll bring my laptop and my Arrested Development DVDs and watch an episode in the office. : )

Let’s hope all goes well with A’s sperm. I know he’s very anxious and I’m thinking about him this morning!

EDIT: I just ate two donuts and drank an apple juice...on top of the breakfast I had already eaten. I'm celebrating, damnit!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything! My fingers are crossed for you!

DtheRN said...

Good luck girl! Hope your 2ww goes by quickly and we get to celebrate with you!

Drevas said...

I agree... Twinginess is INDEED a word! :)

Good luck with everything today. You and A will be in my thoughts!

PS - I wish I were there to celebrate with you and enjoy a doughnut and some apple juice!

Still A Guest Room said...

Good luck!!!!!!

Alex said...

Twinginess is definitely a word - I've used it! Good luck today - hope this works!!!