Sunday, January 16, 2011

9 dpiui - a very slow weekend

My poor hubby. He's probably thanking his lucky stars that I go to work tomorrow. He is well past the "justifiable homicide" threshold.

I have been so hormonal that I have been alternately crying and yelling at the drop of a hat. On Saturday I suffered bone-crushing fatigue that turned me into a pathetic whiny-ass.

I would love to be optimistic and think that I'm lucky enough for these to be pregnancy hormones. Unfortunately, my gut feeling that I am not pregnant is sticking around. I think I'm just depressed.

The bright side is, I have started planning on horseback riding in the Bahamas in March.

Today A went to a birthday party for his cousin's baby (remember, this is the cousin who was going to start trying the same time we did? they now have a one year old. we are still not pregnant) I bowed out to spend the day with my mom, as her birthday was this past week.

A got home and told me it was a good thing I didn't go. He said there were babies everywhere. His friends were talking about their kids and then would look at him awkwardly, not sure how to include him in the conversation.

Yeah, I'm glad I didn't go.

Plan is still to test Wednesday, although I won't lie, the urge to test tomorrow is very strong. I'm fighting it. The worst thing about using first morning urine is that then...I have to go to work afterwards. Blech.


Pookey and Me,,, said...

I hate the let me shove rainbows and sunshine comments to make you feel better...but...

I was CERTAIN that I had PMS at about 8 days post egg laying the year we got pregnant. So certain that I started to wear white just so that AF would come.

Until AF shows you're not out of the running...though I proceeded to order my next round of medications at about 7 dpo just I'm a do as I say not as I've done kind of infertile. GOOD LUCK!

Drevas said...

Proud of you for fighting the urge to test! :) I really hope you get your BFP on Wednesday!

Alex said...

You made it through the weekend! I really hope you find out some amazing news this week... Keeping everything crossed!

Still A Guest Room said...

Hope this week brings amazing news for you!!!!

Kayleikins said...

Keeping you in my prayers! <3

Heather said...

Hang in there and wait for Wednesday - the longer you wait, the more definitive it is. You don't want to get an early yes, and be terrified of a chemical, or an early no but still have your hopes up for two more days. Stay strong!