Friday, January 21, 2011

14 dpiui BFN and frustrated about the future

I called the Drs office today to talk to a nurse about my next cycle. I’m stressed. I want to book my cruise excursions this weekend, as the couple we’re traveling with are waiting on us and I feel bad about that. Plus, I just want things settled. It will help me move on from this cycle if I book them, because that has been the plan all along.

Of course the nurse (my least favorite one) refuses to admit that this cycle is a BFN. She says “those urine tests aren’t always accurate” (right, but BFN at 14 days is pretty clear) and “it’s not over till you start your period” (except I’m taking progesterone. *cough* dummy! *cough*). Whatever. So my question was, if we proceed with a February cycle, we’ll learn the result 7-10 days before we leave for our cruise. Is it okay to do horseback riding/snorkeling if you’re like three weeks pregnant?

Her advice was to take February off. That’s not what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that it was okay to proceed with February and for that early of a pregnancy it wouldn’t matter if the tiny baby got jostled during horseback riding. The cruise is in March so we’ll likely have to take March off. Taking February off, too, is too much time off.

I guess these are my options:
1) book my non-pregnant excursions now, take February and March off
2) book my pregnancy-friendly excursions, do a treatment in February, take March off (really don’t want to do this one because think of how upset I’ll be if February fails and I watch my friends do all the fun stuff I didn’t sign up for because I thought I’d be pregnant and I’m not)
3) call back once I start my period and bully the doctor’s office into letting me do a February cycle. Book the excursions later. Run the risk of the ones I want filling up. Completely annoy and inconvenience our traveling buddies

Sigh. I don’t like any of these options. I’m also annoyed at the nurse because she perpetuated that stupid myth that we’re going to get pregnant on vacation. Whatever. It’s bad enough hearing that from other people, let alone a medical professional. Maybe I’ll be surprised, but I have no facts to indicate I’ll ovulate without clomid, so I really highly doubt I’ll get pregnant on my own.

I REALLY want to go on this cruise but I REALLY want to keep going with treatment cycles. Why can’t I do both? Ugh, I am so frustrated.


Drevas said...

First of all - So sorry about the BFN. I was really hoping that this cycle was the one for you.

Ugh, that IS a frustrating situation with the cruise. If I were in your shoes, I definitely wouldn't want to sit out for two cycles either. But I ALSO would want to do the horseback riding on the cruise! If I were you, I would move forward with the February's cycle AND book the horseback riding excursion. If you end up having to sit out because you are pregnant, you will be happy! And if you don't get pregnant from the February cycle, you will be horseback riding with your hubby and friends! :)

Marissa said...

Why *can't* you do both? I'm pretty dang certain you can snorkle. I know you can SCUBA dive that early in a pregnancy, so I don't see why you couldn't snorkle. I would maybe not do horseback riding, but then again I don't know anything about horseback riding.

And bully your way into a Feb IUI. This is your body, after all! Unless they give you a medical reason why you need to take a cycle off, I say go for it.

Still A Guest Room said...

I'm so sorry about your BFN, and I'm sorry you don't have tons of great options right now. I second your other commentors,'s your body, and if you don't want to take two months off (which I wouldn't), don't! I really hope you can get all of the excursions worked out.

foxy said...

HI Lulu,
I saw your listing on Cycle Sista. So sorry to read about your bfn. It is really disappointing, isn't it. We did our second iui over Christmas, and were really caught by surprise with how sad we were when it wasn't successful.

Our plan was to do 4 iui's and then move on to ivf. But after the second bfn, we changed our minds and decided to move straight to ivf. SO, we have our cycle in March. I am relieved, but also pretty freaked out about it.

It was so hard not to be able to make plans when our whole lives were revolving around my cycle and our next iui. I think that you are super awesome for keeping some plans in the works, and not canceling the cruise all together. So, having said that, I second the comments made by others. Schedule yourself a RAWKING cruise with all of the activities your heart desires. If you end up with a BFP you'll be so happy , that it won't matter if you have to sit something out... and if you are dealign with a bfn, you'll need all the extra pampering you can handle.

And really, that early in pregnancy, the little embies are protected by your pelvis. My bestie ski'd thru the first trimester of both her pregnancies, and rode her mountain bike thru the second. (granted she didn't deal with IF, but...).

Sitting out two cycles sounds unbearable to me too!

Glad to find your blog - and wish you the very best of luck on your journey!

~ Foxy

Denver Laura said...

I agree with Drevas. I say go ahead with the Feb IUI AND sign up for the non-pregnant friendly excursions. If you're pregnant and those classes are as popular as you say they are, there probably won't be an issue with you backing out of them due to a previously unknown "medical issue." If you're not pregnant, enjoy them with gusto.