Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another BFN and a messed-up vag

First of all, I got another BFN this morning at 12 dpiui. I will probably skip testing tomorrow and test again on Friday (14dpiui) and then officially call it. But I definitely don’t expect anything out of this cycle except my period.

Now for the seriously TMI part; if you’re squeamish about the “female parts” just don’t read any further.

When I had my IUI done, the nurse noticed an extra piece of vaginal tissue. To put it bluntly, I have this kind of loop of skin down there which causes no problems unless, occasionally, a tampon gets stuck and then it’s very painful trying to remove it. This is something I have always known I have, but as no one ever mentioned it in all the times multiple different doctors have seen my hoo-ha, I thought it was normal.

Apparently the nurses go over all the IUIs with Dr. Lovely, and they mentioned this to her. Since I’ve never actually had a pelvic exam done with her, she wants me to come in for one next week. The nurse said something vaguely implying that this might cause me more problems with pregnancy.

I’m assuming she meant it would cause problems with a vaginal delivery. Which, honestly, I have kind of given up hope on considering the whole deformed uterus thing I’ve got going on. I’m hoping she doesn’t mean it could actually cause more problems getting pregnant.

Does anyone know anything about this? I consulted Dr. Google and didn’t find anything useful. Feel free to say “No, you’re just a freak with messed-up ovaries, a deformed uterus, and a funky vag.” My feelings won’t be hurt because, hey, it’s true!


Marissa said...

I'm sorry, I don't know. Umm...would it be an easy fix? Snip the loop? I'm sorry, I don't know how to ask these questions without getting graphic!!!

Anyway, I'm very sorry about your BFN. :( I recommend whiskey, but I am not a doctor.

Still A Guest Room said...

Ugh, so sorry about the BFN and the added stress of the potential additional issue. Still hoping it's just too early!

Jem said...

I hope it's just too early to tell.

Hang in there!

Roccie said...

Your tag is weird vagina. Holy crap, I will never laugh so hard again!

I am disappointed w the negative. I am really sorry. Tests are assholes though, you know.

Alex said...

Oh I'm sorry about the BFN, but I'm hoping Friday will look differently.

Definitely ask more about the tag thing - I have no clue!

Kathy said...

I just came across your blog on cyclesista. It looks like your HSG results last month suggest a bicornuate uterus...but HSGs are notoriously bad for distinguishing between the various Mullerian anomalies. You really should push for more diagnostic testing before trying to conceive, because different anomalies have different prognoses for pregnancy. A true bicornuate uterus would not typically be fixed and might lead to issues with IUGR, pre-term labor, etc. However, you would be surprised how many women have a doctor casually tell them that they appear to have a heart-shaped uterus and then after having an appropriate diagnostic workup learn that it's not bicornuate but is in fact a uterine septum. A septum can be reasonably easily corrected via outpatient surgery and it's really important to do that before conceiving, as women with intact septums often risk early pregnancy loss and other complications.

To do a proper diagnosis, at the very least they should order an MRI (but then you have to have a really good radiologist reading/interpreting it to distinguish between the anomalies)...but the typical way the diagnosis is confirmed is via combination laparoscopy/hysteroscopy where they can simultaneously visualize both the interior and exterior of the uterus. The fact that you have the extra tissue in the vagina sounds suspiciously like a vaginal septum...and if you have a vaginal septum, it is very likely that you could also have a uterine septum. Both of these can be easily resected in the hands of a good reproductive surgeon.

There's a great group of women dealing with these issues and they're a wealth of information and support. Try joining the Yahoo Group for Mullerian Anomalies and you'll get lots of info -- and I guarantee everyone there will tell you to pursue getting a proper diagnosis ASAP. Lots of us have been jerked around by Ob/Gyns who frankly aren't typically up-to-date on these anomalies and too-often tell women not to worry without doing the proper diagnosis...and as a result, many of us have gone through unnecessary losses. Hope this helps.

Heather said...

First of all, I'm so sorry about the BFN. Ugh. This process is brutal.

Secondly, it sure seems like Kathy covered it all, but I just wanted to second the suspicion that you have some kind of septum. I was diagnosed with a uterine septum after having a sonohysterogram (vaginal ultrasound where they pump you full of saline - yes, it's about as awesome as it sounds). They removed it during a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy combo - it's outpatient and not terrible. As Kathy stated, it's a good thing to get taken care of because it can increase odds of miscarriage.