Sunday, January 9, 2011

2dpiui - some randomness to report

Either my body is depleted by the efforts it took to fertilize an egg (positivity!), or I'm getting a cold. I have been exhausted this weekend.

After the IUI I came home and had dinner, then settled in with my book, thinking fertilizing-ish thoughs. I was asleep on the couch by 8:30 PM. Yesterday I woke up feeling hungover (even though I clearly didn't drink). Same thing today. I feel so tired, worn out, exhausted. Maybe I'm just crashing from the emotional jitteriness I was experiencing all week.

You know what I didn't mention in my post on Friday was that the nurses thoroughly confused me right before the procedure. They started talking about the "pellet" and other words I'd never heard of, which surprised me because I'd read so much about insemination that I thought I knew the procedure. I don't even remember what they said about the pellet because I was too busy thinking "what the hell are you talking about?"

I have to say that I hate progesterone suppositories. Of all the components of this cycle (constant monitoring with the dildocam, clomid, metformin, the trigger shot, the insemination itself), by FAR the worst part is going to be two long weeks of stupid progesterone and waiting. Whiny, I know, and nothing compared to IUI w/injectables or IVF, but seriously. I hate those things.

You guys should have seen the look on A's face five minutes after the IUI when I looked at him and asked "When do you think I should start testing?" LOL. Forgive me, but I really want to know if I'll be going on historical walking tours or horseback riding excursions on our cruise in two months : )

Thanks for playing along at home, ladies.


Drevas said...

LOL... you are too funny. Hopefully you will be going on lots of historical walking tours! :)

PS - As you know, I share your feelings towards the progesterone suppositories... GROSS!

Marissa said...

You mean you haven't started testing yet? :p

Fingers crossed for walking tours!

Alex said...

Those suppositories really suck, I know. Hoping for lots of walking tours!!!

IF'er said...

"Dildo cam", that's great! That'll make me smile when I have my date w/ it again next week. I start my progesterone supp on Sat. Not looking forward to that one! I just hope it doesn't make me break out, but I am expecting it prob will.
I swear to God, if I ever do have a kid, let him/her say to me one time, 'You don't love me'....