Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Planning ahead!

One of the hardest things about infertility is planning for the future. I am going on a cruise to the Caribbean in early March. Yay!! I’m so excited about it, as A and I have not been on a vacation together since our honeymoon!

We are stopping in three ports and the excursions look awesome! Horseback riding in the ocean! Snorkeling! Clear Kayaks! Glass Bottom Boats! Of course, if I get my wish and get pregnant from the January IUI, I won’t be doing any of these and will be opting for the excursions that include guided walking tours and bus drives through the city.

We are traveling with another couple and I feel bad making them wait until late January when we know the results of the IUI to book the excursions. And if we don’t get pregnant in January we will hopefully have a February cycle we can pin our hopes on. I could be like 3 weeks pregnant on our cruise if we conceive in February.

What am I supposed to do, POAS the night before we leave and book our excursions based on the results? I am a planner, damnit! I want to decide this stuff now! I’m impatient and I want to know if I should be daydreaming about snorkeling or walking around looking at ruins and architecture. Either is fine. I just want to know now!


Drevas said...

Ahhh, sounds amazing! That's definitely something to look forward to! Hopefully you will be opting for the guided walking and bus tours!

I feel your pain with trying to make plans... If only we could be like those infuriating women who can conceive according to their schedules!

Alex said...

Ah yes, trying to plan with infertility - so hard to do!!! Just about impossible! I've found it's best to plan whatever you would do if you're not pregnant - unless you have to spend too much money... I guess I haven't figured it out either... :) Cruise sounds wonderful!!!

Marissa said...

Have fun! There's no use putting our lives on hold for all this TTC crap.

DtheRN said...

Take all the precautions you want, but I'm not sure your only going to be limited to the non-adventurous excursions. I believe you've got to live life a little. I understand no extreme sports, maybe skip the horseback riding, but snorkeling sounds amazing... Whether or not these IUI's take (and I pray for you that they do!), it's still a vacation with your hubby. I understand the planning aspect though. Someone on DH's side of the family asked if we wanted to help plan the next family vacation. I'm not ready to tell her my money is tied up in oversea maybe-baby making adventures.

Still A Guest Room said...

Your trip sounds amazing, but not being able to plan too far ahead is one of my least favorite side effects of this process. At least you know it will be sunny and fabulous...good luck deciding on the rest!