Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello Aunt Flo. You arrived just in time for the holidays!

I have an appointment at 11:30 tomorrow morning to make sure that damn cyst is gone for good. I'm thinking that the chances of it hanging out through 21 days of BCP are pretty slim, right?

Also, kudos to me for asking for BCP. That cycle only lasted 25 days!! None of this "wait till day 40 for your period" business in this family.

This means IUI #1 is officially under way!

PS- Am I a total nerd because I will most likely print out this sheet to take with me to my appointment?


Alex said...

Yay for getting IUI #1 under way! I hope that cyst is long gone!!!

And no, you're not a total nerd - you're prepared... Way to go!

Brandi @ Our Journey said...

I hope all the cyst are gone. Were set to do our first IUI next week!! I'm so nervous and when we had our first appt to go over everything I walked in with all kinds of papers so don't worry.


DtheRN said...

I think it's great that you are prepared. From a nurses perspective...most people never have any idea what the consent to, what will actually be done, what the outcomes will be, and what risks are involved. Cheers to your first IUI.

Still A Guest Room said...

Good luck on this IUI!

Anonymous said...

Definitly not a nerd!! Be prepared and take control of the situation-the more prepared u r the closer they will pay attnetion to u. Good luck :)