Friday, December 31, 2010

I have such a big heart.

I called the nurse promptly when the phones opened at about 8:30:01. Turns out that while my tubes are clear, I have a bicornuate uterus, also known as heart-shaped. This can increase your chance of miscarriage and pre-term labor. So when I do get pregnant (it takes a lot of guts to say "when") I will have to be very closely monitored.

The nurse did say that they have several patients who also have fucked up mutant parts, and have had uneventful pregnancies. And I know that my dad's sister has a heart-shaped uterus - she had two boys with no problems and didn't even find out until she had her hysterectomy.

So I'm not too upset about the news. I mean I have to get pregnant first, then I'll worry about staying pregnant. Of course it sucks that yet another part of me is abnormal. The freakishness couldn't have stayed confined to my ovaries. I wonder what other parts of me are the wrong shape?

In IUI #1 news, I had a monitoring appt today, at the hospital instead of Dr. Lovely's office (damn NYE) and had one 11 mm follicle on my right and nothing impressive on my left (biggest was 9 mm). The u/t said my right ovary had 11 follicles and my left had a bunch too, but I think she might not realize I have poly cystic ovaries.

It only takes one, right?


Still A Guest Room said...

Sorry for the not so great news, but really glad it's nothing that will making GETTING pregnant any harder.

Alex said...

You do have a big heart! There are plenty of folks who have healthy babies with a heart-shaped ute, so shouldn't be too bad, I hope!

Hate getting bad news on NYE, too.

Roccie said...

It sounds like it can be managed. Perhaps they wouldnt have known this if you were not battling the IF monster? I dont know how it works. I am sorry, it sounds like I am trying to find a silver fucking lining and I hate that shit.