Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cleared for IUI far

That's right, we're in the clear but not 100%. I have a bunch of paraovarian cysts that won't go away, but apparently those are outside the ovary and won't be aggravated by the clomid. But the ultrasound tech didn't feel comfortable making that call on her own, so she had to consult the doctor, who was out delivering babies (of course). So a few hours later we found out we are indeed okay to medicate and proceed with this cycle.

I asked about having an HSG since my handy Resolve fact sheet said it was a recommended procedure before IUI. They were surprised I hadn't had one yet, so I'm going in next Wednesday to have that. Luckily I already have next week off and I had no plans on Wednesday.

Does this hurt? They are giving me antibiotics and pain medicine to take an hour before the procedure, so I think I should be okay. I'm most worried about the antibiotic because I tend to have pretty severe stomach issues on antibiotics.

So as long as they don't find that my uterus is shaped like a butterfly or something then we're good to go!


DtheRN said...

Good to hear you are moving forward! About the HSG, I have not had one yet but have read many posts on Inspire about them. Seems like cramping is the main issue. Some women say it's not that bad, others said that it was. Sorry your so sensitive to antibiotics. You can take something like prevacid at least two hours before your antibiotics. You could also take immodium. Just make sure you take these several hours before, or after your antibiotics.

Anonymous said...

Yippee on the good news! My HSG was rather painful, but I wasn't given any pain hopefully yours won't be too bad. There was some cramping after the HSG and for the next several days. Also, don't be surprised if you have dye or blood leakage several days afterwards, it's fairly common.

Good luck!

Still A Guest Room said...

So glad things are progressing so far!!! As for the HSG, I had one in October and mine hurt really bad while they were doing (for about 30 seconds), but once they were done the pain ended. Good luck on yours!

Alex said...

Yay that you're cleared to go! How exciting! I agree with Still a Guest Room - it hurt, pretty bad, during the actual procedure, but it didn't hurt at all after it was done. You can do this!!!

Drevas said...

So happy that you are getting ready for the IUI! My HSG was not painful at all... I did have a little bit of cramping afterwards but it wasn't near as bad as what I thought it would be. Just try to relax and make sure you take some aspirin before... :) Good luck my friend!