Thursday, October 28, 2010

Clomid Meltdowns: 0-2

Last cycle it was the car accident situation which led me to question my worth as a human. This time around it was the stupid guy at the Meijer pharmacy, also a mistake at Dr. Lovely’s office.

I won’t go into the multitude of things that Jeff at the pharmacy did to just totally piss me off, because they’re tedious, and really it’s just his attitude. So anyway, I picked up my Ovidrel and clomid and headed off to a pub downtown where I had plans to meet friends. I was trying to put Irritating Jeff behind me and get psyched about starting the clomid.

I got to the restaurant and pulled out the clomid only to notice that something wasn’t right. They only gave me 50 mg and I was supposed to have 100! One of my friends arrived right as I had started crying because I didn’t know what to do – I thought I was supposed to take 100 but maybe they changed their minds and forgot to tell me since I did in fact respond on the 50? Or maybe they made a mistake? And while I’m already crying…let me just tell you, dear friend, how much this whole thing sucks. Poor thing, she should have sat in her car for a few more minutes.

So after much deliberating and anxiety, I decided to take two.*

Then, that night I got home and my dog ate my favorite shoe, which I could have easily paid to replace had I not just dropped another $50 at the Meijer pharmacy.

* I did the right thing. The nurse assured me 100 was the way to go, and she called in 50 because her notes said it was my first clomid cycle, not my first clomid cycle at that office. Of course when she called in the other pills I had to pay the co-pay again which was another reason Irritating Jeff could gloat and take pleasure in my misery. Oh well. I should just start taking my paychecks directly to Meijer!


Still A Guest Room said...

Boo on pharmacy Jeff, but I am glad your friend was there to listen. Meltdowns are just part of the territory now. Hope the 100 mg works well!

Roccie said...

Rally up, eggs! It is time!

Dandle Dreams said...

Here from CycleSista. Good luck with this cycle - hope that 100mg does the trick for you.

I am sure that your friend was glad that she could be there for you. I'm glad that you had someone to talk to in the midst of the tears.