Friday, October 22, 2010

cramps galore

So then I called Dr. Lovely’s office. And I was thinking “so here’s the test…how is her staff going to be…is her nurse also going to prove useless?” Well she was very kind and she informed me that they never ever prescribe Provera without bloodwork confirming that you’re not pregnant. I might have let that annoy me, but I didn’t because it shows they’re really taking me and my uterus seriously. Half the time when I called nurse useless for Provera I just lied and said I had a negative pregnancy test, anyway (what? Those things are >$5 a piece and sometimes you just know in your bones that you’re not pregnant).

So I went over lunch to get my blood drawn and the lady who did it was extremely nice and sweet and got my vein on the first stick…which is no small accomplishment. My veins are picky and I have been traumatized by blood draws more than once. On Monday I’ll find out the results of the blood test (ha!) and get my Provera prescription. In the past I would have been furious over a delay of three days, but I’m okay with it. It’s just three days.


I wrote that much of this blog post and then got distracted by work. In the meantime, I started having pretty uncomfortable cramps that feel suspiciously like menstrual cramps. I’m also having some watery light brownish spotting. It’s CD 34. Could I possibly be getting ready to have my own period? If so, I think that means I ovulated. If that’s the case, I would be so happy that I ovulated that I wouldn’t even be that upset that I’m not pregnant. It would be SO GREAT to start having a cycle on my own (but that’s a lot of ifs).

In light of this new evidence, I’m actually glad I don’t get my Provera till Monday. Maybe my body is going to use this full moon to get itself back on course. If not, I’d like to at least give it a couple days to try to figure it out before I start medicating it again!


Roccie said...

I hear you on the full moon. I wrapped up a Lupron period with an approaching full moon.

I am a nut case.

Still A Guest Room said...

Good luck this weekend!