Thursday, July 21, 2011


They got 8 eggs. I'm not sure if that's good, I usually hear people getting a lot more, but my friend who had her retrieval yesterday got 5, so I'm happy with 8.

Everything went pretty well. We checked into a hotel last night which was a huge blessing. This morning we checked into the hospital and were taken back pretty quickly, which was good because I am REALLY grouchy when I can't have breakfast.

(Question about pre-op instructions. Does anyone drink their toothpaste water? Why do they always say "Nothing to eat or drink after midnight, including water, you can brush your teeth but make sure you spit out the water." WTF? Who swallows that crap? Nasty.)

Anyway, I was pretty stressed out once I got in my hospital bed because the nurse in charge of me was flitting around, told me she was feeling scatterbrained, and could be heard loudly complaining in the hallway about how she was running behind and was too busy to get everything done. Excellent.

The embryologist came and and told us how everything would go. That they would call me tomorrow morning with the fertilization report and tomorrow afternoon to tell me if it's a 3dt or 5dt.

Dr. Friendly came in and said hello. He rolled me into the OR and I got on the table. I noticed the little door where he could communicate with the embryologist. He told her that the last person's husband was happy to only get 3 eggs because they didn't want to do cryopreservation anyway.

Then they started the twilight anesthesia (the anesthesiologist was the nicest, most polite and most comforting person I've ever met in a hospital) and I was out.

I woke up and was in quite a bit of discomfort. The scatterbrained nurse asked me what she could bring me and I asked for a muffin. She laughed. She brought me crackers and apple juice.

A came back from giving his sample and we hung out for a bit and they wheeled me out.

I'm home now and I feel okay. Very crampy. Hard to walk. Need the heating pad. But I feel better than I expected. I will probably return to work tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted!


Jem said...

8 is a fine, fine number. Sounds like you had a very routine retrieval, no complications. Do take it easy today and tomorrow. It may take some time for swelling etc. to subside and for you to get back to normal.

Can't wait to hear your fert report.

BreAnna said...

Eight sounds like a good number. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a stellar fertilization report. :)
I think it is adorable that the first thing you asked for is a muffin. I think they should have muffins after all the shots and pain and ups and downs.

Chickenpig said...

8 is a fine number :) And I think they should have muffins. And bagels, and a free mani-pedi AND a seaweed wrap. For all the money they're charging, they could bring a little spa treatment into the mix.

Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for a GREAT fertilization report.

Kat said...

8 is great. Remember it's not the number, but the quality. I've read about quite a few people who have a large number of eggs, but they're immature or don't fertilise.

Fingers crossed for you.

annoyed army wife said...

8 is great! And it rhymes! I've got my fingers crossed for you. I worked at a hospital and they actually had the BEST muffins in the cafeteria. Now, I'm craving them.

Marissa said...

8 is great!

Please have a virtual muffin, complements of me and your excellent fert report to come.

Kerrik said...

Sounds like a pretty smooth day. Fingers crossed for that fert report!