Friday, July 29, 2011


Ever since my very first two week wait (and what a long, long time ago that was), I have known that the whole thing is a huge mindfuck.

This two week wait, the stakes are much higher, the possibilities much greater, the investment much more intense.

That said, at 5dp3dt, I am feeling good. I have not lost my mind yet. My beta is one week from today, and although I know between now and then time will slow to a screeching halt, the past 5 days have gone much faster than I thought they would.

I’m continuing my “science experiment” of taking an HPT every morning and keeping track of all the lines. They are varying degrees of light to dark, depending on the timing of my booster shots. The effects of the first booster shot had gotten very faint by the time I tested the morning of the second shot.

I’m hoping that with my last shot on 7/30, by about 8/3 the test will be either blank or truly, honestly positive.


Jo said...

I know those days are just dragging by. I am glad to hear that I'm not the only "experimenter" out there! I'm trying to decide when to start POAS. On the one hand, I want to catch that negative, so that I know the positive is "real." On the other hand, I don't really want to see the false positive if I don't have to. So its a waiting game.

Hoping the next week just FLIES by!!!!!


Alex said...

The wait is the absolute worst! I'm glad you're feeling so good now, but as you know, the tough part is yet to come. Hang in there!

Marissa said...

I hope for a truly, honest positive for you!!!

Glad you're staying sane so far. It's tough to do that!

Kristen said...

Glad you're doing well with the wait so far!

Chickenpig said...

I've got everything crossed for a real honest to goodness BFP for you!

I'm also curious to see how your experiment progresses. Whatever helps with the crazy wait. :)