Monday, July 11, 2011

IVF word vomit

Note: this is really jumpy and random, sorry!

Today is day 4 of stims (FSH) and it’s going very well. I had A mix the first two injections and I mixed yesterday’s and today’s, but I’m still having him inject me. I’m doing the Lupron on my own consistently each night, but the FSH just seems scarier. It seems like that syringe gives some resistance and I’m a bit nervous to try it.

I don’t feel bloated at all and I’m a little worried. That will come later right? It’s probably too early to feel bloated.

We did the first FSH injection in my belly like we’ve been doing the Lupron, but I noticed it was sore every time I bent over and my waistband touched the injection site. So we switched to using the thigh and it’s working a lot better. Lupron remains in the belly.

I’m superstitious about this process. I had a hard time mentally adjusting to thigh shots because in my unscientific brain, the shots should go in my abdomen because my ovaries are located in my abdomen. My ovaries aren’t anywhere near my thighs.

Don’t bother explaining how irrational this is to me. I know. I understand that the medicine isn’t getting injected into my ovaries when I use the abdomen and that my bloodstream is my bloodstream no matter where I inject. But it was still a silly little mental hurdle.

I like doing IVF. Please don’t hold this against me later when I am crying about how much I hate doing IVF. What I mean is, I like it a lot more than IUI. There’s more to do, I think the injections are interesting, and it feels like I’m really doing something as opposed to just taking clomid for five days. I realized with a jolt of excitement yesterday that my retrieval is next week – wow!

I’m a bit nervous about the cryopreservation factor of this equation, since that was just introduced last Thursday. I’m nervous both that we won’t have enough embryos to freeze and that we will have way more than we could possibly use. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My pregnant ex-BFF that I write about all the time completely ignored my birthday. Not so much as a text or a facebook message; this is the first in many years that this has happened. But I am a good person and I am still sending her a shower gift. I really, truly, hope this doesn’t go unnoticed.

I am keeping a detailed spreadsheet of costs for this cycle. So far, just for drugs and two office visits and blood work, it has cost me $363.88 and my insurance company $4505.41. I am thankful for my insurance coverage with every breath I draw these days.

I go on Wednesday for my first follicle check. Keep everything crossed for me.


Alex said...

I agree with you about IVF being better than IUI's in that there's more to do. It's amazing how nice distractions are! Keep up the good work on the injections!!! And that's awesome about your insurance coverage!!!

Emily said...

First follie check on Wednesday for me as well. Fingers crossed for us both!

Kristen said...

Good luck at your first follie check! Sorry about your ex-BFF...that sucks. Sounds like you are doing great. :)

Marissa said...

Fingers crossed!!

There were lots of things I hated about IVF, but I did like the sense of "doing something", and as annoying as the every other day scans were, it was nice to always know exactly what my body was up to.

Your ex-BFF sucks, btw.

Chickenpig said...

I like IVF because the schedule just kind of marches you along. Good luck on your follie count tomorrow! I hope your BFF appreciates your gift to her...but if not, BLEH on her. :)