Monday, July 18, 2011

Retrieval is Thursday!

We have a retrieval date! I am so happy that I won't be stimming till the day I die! The retrieval will be this Thursday, 7/21, with an expected day 5 transfer of Tuesday, 7/26.

Tonight I will take my final dose of Lupron (which I was provided by the nurse this morning -- hopefully it was worth six hours in the car today). Tomorrow morning I take my last stims. Tomorrow night, at a time TBA, I trigger, and sometime Thursday morning is the retrieval.

Right now I have six large follicles on my right ovary (as the u/t said on Saturday, "That ovary is JUICY!"). I have two sizable follicles on the left (underachiever).

I am done feeling inadequate with my follicle count. I have chosen to love my body and appreciate whatever it gives me. I can feel that it is really trying and for that I feel nothing but gratitude. It must be hard to do more than six times your normal workload!

I am thankful for the eggs that I do have growing and I do not wish to have any more. Honestly, my right side is uncomfortable enough with the six and their smaller buddies that I can't imagine how it must feel to have more, or to even overstimulate.

I'm also very thankful that my lining is at a 10. It has doubled since Saturday! In all my clomid cycles, my lining never got thicker than a 7.6, and it still has a few more days to grow. I feel like this time it will be a nice squishy inviting-looking home.

I am hoping for four embryos. Any more than that are an added bonus. I'm hoping for two to transfer and two to freeze. That may be an ambitious goal but it's my goal nonetheless.

My mom went with me today because I didn't ask A to take a day off work just for bloodwork and an ultrasound. It was a very cool experience for her, as she has been just dying to get involved in this process. She got to see all my follicles on the screen and she was amazed by all of the science behind the process. The follicles on my right side are all squished together, so the nurse kept saying "I can't really measure this guy, he's getting squashed by his friend." It made me laugh.

I'm feeling positive despite some discomfort, but I have not yet started hoping. I can't let my mind wander to belly bumps and fetal heartbeats. I need to remain detached for now.

Hope you are all well.


Chickenpig said...

Woo Hoo!!! It sounds like your ovaries are doing good, and you still have some days for more of those follies to ripen :) That is GREAT news.

I'll be holding my breath until Thursday waiting to see how many eggs you get. Fingers crossed!!!

Emily said...

YAY!! Such great news for you!

Crossing my fingers that your retrieval is uneventful and that you get a good number of eggs!

Marissa said...

Good luck!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hii, emailed you before cuz we were starting our cycles on the same day. I'm having my retrieval on thursday also, getting so nervous and scared, but excited also. I have more than 15 follicles and am super super scared of OHSS and not being able to have my transfer. They have not mentioned anything but I have read enough to scare myself! I like ur number, it's a strong number and u hopefully don't have to worry about OHSS. Best of luck on Thursday, tww is gonna be a total drag! Sarah

Alex said...

Wonderful news! Especially that you don't have to stim forever!!! :) Will be thinking of you and your eggies!!!