Sunday, October 23, 2011


Somewhere around last Thursday I stopped being scared. I started feeling pregnant. I started telling a few close friends about the pregnancy. I started knowing that everything is going to go alright tomorrow at the ultrasound. I stopped worrying.

It has felt good. But a part of me is still afraid this optimism is going to come back and bite me in the ass.

Cross your fingers that everything looks good tomorrow. Last time they didn't give me measurements or heartbeat rates - the RE just said "beautiful" a few times. I hope tomorrow we get more information.


Jem said...

I'm glad your anxiety has disappeared. Personally I have good and bad days. I've started telling people only at 12 weeks, that's how paranoid I've been.

Glad you are feeling pregnant!

Marissa said...

One of the things that I have tried (unsucessfuly at times) to remember is--it doesn't matter if you worry or not. It really doesn't. There's nothing that could be done, and it would hurt like hell if (heaven forbid) something bad did happen, whether you had worried or not.

So you may as well not. Enjoy what you ca, and don't feel guilty for not being worried enough.

I'm excited for you!

Elphaba said...

Enjoy that optimism! If there's one thing I've learned the hard (and long) way, it's that being happy doesn't cause the universe to fall apart. Savour it while you can. :)

Chickenpig said...

Savor the happiness :) You've come this far, you deserve to enjoy it. Life happens, no matter how you feel about it, so you might as well seize the moment. I hope that you have a good 32 weeks or so more of them :)

TurtleMama said...

Hey Lulu - Glad you are feeling more optimistic. I am hoping that my first u/s on Tues will put my mind more at ease too. The glass is defnitely half full right now!

Still A Guest Room said...

I can't wait to hear how tomorrow glad you are feeling more positive!