Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First injection done!

We did our first injection last night. Overall it went well, although I was on edge and may or may not have snapped on my husband and left the room in a huff right before. But I apologized and he seemed to accept it. He really does put up with more than his fair share…

A worked in a hospital for 5 years, so he is really great with needles. He was calm, quick, and efficient with the injections. The needle didn’t really hurt at all, but the Lupron stung a little as it went in and the injection site was red and puffy for about an hour. It was weird feeling the medicine under my skin so I massaged it for a while.

After we did the shot, I went upstairs to listen to my first circle + bloom meditation. I liked it. It definitely relaxed me and I’m interested to see how they go as I start stims.

I’m also interested to see how far I can get into this process without having a breakdown and crying. It’s definitely all going to overwhelm me at some point, I know that much for sure. But I’m doing great for now.

Just for shits and giggles, let’s take a look at the medicine report for the week, shall we?

Morning (7 pills total):
500 mg Metformin (x2)
150 mg Welbutrin
81 mg aspirin
Prenatal vitamin
10 mg Claritin (because my fall allergies are already starting up)
Birth control pill

Evening (2 pills/1 injection total):
500 mg Metformin (x2)
20 units Lupron

It’s kind of exhausting. I’ve been holding off on getting one of those old lady pill counters, but I think it might be about time. The problem is I don’t know if it’s big enough to hold all my pills for a day! Most of them are small but between the 4 Metformin and the giant prenatal vitamin, they take up a lot of room.

Not much else going on over here. I am taking a frivolous day off work on Friday to go to a water park with A and some friends. It’s frivolous because I should really save my paid time off for upcoming IVF cycle(s). But it’s kind of my last hurrah before I get too bruised and bloated to go on water rides : ) I’m looking forward to it!


Marissa said...

Oooh, a water park! Sounds awesome!! Wear sunscreen and have a blast!

TurtleMama said...

Yay! You are a week ahead of me! I get my meds tomorrow - whoohoo! Enjoy the waterpark - I haven't been to one of those in ages:)

Denver Laura said...

I agree - a water park outing sounds fun.

I went to a pharmacy where, um, seniors frequent. I got 2 weekly pill holders of the large print type. I have one for morning and another for evening.

It holds my 2 metformin pills long with the aspirin, vitex, folic acid, vitamin D and melatonin.

I use 2 that are not only different in color but size. It helps when I'm taking the pills pre-coffee.

Yes it takes up room but it saves me so much time by not having to open each bottle every single day. I just load it up once a week.

Alex said...

Woohoo for getting your first injection done! I definitely have one of those old lady pill holders. It's fabulous! Go to, and it's called Detach N Go Mucho Jumbo AM/PM Medication & Vitamin Organizer. I love it - I know, I'm a little weird, but it makes me happy...

Have fun at the waterpark!

Jessica said...

Way to go on your first injections! The first day is always the hardest!

My New Normal said...

Found you through cyclesista and am also cycling now. I did my second lupron injection today. Good luck!!! I am your newest follower.

Kat said...

Glad the first injection went OK. I expect you've done a couple more by now which you probably rocked! Well done.

Btw I can't believe how many meds you're on.

Kristen said...

That's great your first shot went well! Are you going to have your husband do them all or are you going to do some yourself? I'm on my 5th cycle and have yet to give myself a shot...I'm such a baby.
And as far as keeping track of pills, I've found a spreadsheet really helpful, where I list what needs to be taken and when and put it next to my meds, then cross each thing off as it gets done.
Hope you have/had a great time at the water park!
And best of luck to you this cycle! :)