Thursday, June 9, 2011

And finally, the protocol

I’ve been waiting all week to get my protocol from Dr. Friendly’s office. I started BCPs last week and have been anxiously carrying my phone all over with me waiting for them to call. I have had a nervous, impending job interview feeling all week that is finally gone.

Here it is:

6/3 start BCP
6/28 start Lupron
7/7 (my birthday) visit clinic for start cycle appt
7/8 start FSH
7/13 first scan (at Dr. Lovely in town)
Retrieval week of July 18
Transfer week of July 25


Liz said...

We will be close in our cycles. I am starting Lupron the 16th. Have you gotten your meds yet? I hear there is a shortage of Lupron nationwide. I haven't gotten all of mine yet and am nervous. Good luck!

Still A Guest Room said...

We have the same birthday...too fun!!!!

Lulu said...

@Liz I did hear of the Lupron shortage. Apparently they're manufacturing it differently and it has a shorter half life this way which is why they send it right before you need it. Or something scientific like that : )

@Still a Guest Room no way!!!! I've never met anyone with my birthday!! : )

TurtleMama said...

This is exciting! I just got my first IVF protocol yesterday. Will be cycling in July. I hope everything goes well with yours!

Alex said...

How exciting! I'm hoping July, and then early August is fantastic for you!!!