Friday, June 3, 2011

Stupid work

There is a third woman at work pregnant. Let’s just review this, okay?

I work with 14 women.
3 are pregnant
3 are in their 40s, have kids in high school/college, and are apparently done building their families
2 were just on maternity leave last summer
2 are post-menopausal (in their 60s) (both have children)
1 has a husband who’s had a vasectomy (two kids)
1 has had a hysterectomy (one kid)
1 has a child, is planning her wedding, and I’m pretty sure has an IUD (hopefully no more babies from her for a while)
1 is single and not even nearly ready to settle down and have children (she’ll probably be the next to get knocked up)
And then there’s me.

Since we started TTC a year and a half ago, I’ve seen two babies born and now three pregnancy announcements – just in my department.

Apparently I am drinking from the wrong water fountain.

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Alex said...

This sucks - I'm so sorry.