Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mixed emotions

I got my Lupron in the mail last night. It was cool how they packaged it to keep it refrigerated, and I photo documented the process of opening it.

What? This is a big deal, people.

That said, as much as I want to remember this process so I can tell my children about it someday (please god please god please god), I’m still pretty scared. I put the Lupron straight in the fridge and refused to make eye contact with it.

I spent more on the Lupron than I thought I would. I guess there’s a nationwide shortage of the stuff, which is pretty scary when you think about it. How many women are there walking around all sweaty and ragey? I shudder to consider it.

Anyway, since Lupron is in such high demand, the pharmacy I got it from is compounding it differently, which means it’s not a recognized drug on my insurance plan, which means I paid out of pocket for it. But it’s really not bad, regardless. I don’t dare complain since so many of you pay out of pocket for all this crap.

Bravelle and Menopur are being ordered and I start those on 7/8. Our start cycle appointment is three hours east of our house, on Thursday 7/7. On Friday 7/8, we drive five hours west of our house to visit some friends for a trip we planned long ago.

We’ll be traveling with a cooler full of hormones (sounds like the name of a band, huh?) and we’ll see three states in two days – sixteen hours of driving in five days. Whoo hoo!

I asked the nurse when I should stop drinking. This is a difficult question because it makes me feel like an alcoholic. “When do I have to give up the sauce??” I made sure to say I usually just have a margarita once or twice on the weekend.

She said the Dr. says anything in moderation is fine throughout the cycle. Even after the transfer, she said there’s no placenta there so one drink won’t hurt anything. I personally won’t drink after the ET, but it’s nice to know how relaxed they are. She said Dr. Friendly would probably even suggest a drink or two to help get through the process. : D

I forgot to ask my nurse if I should add baby aspirin to the mix. No one has mentioned it, but I know it can help. What do you guys think?


Alex said...

Drugs are about to start - how exciting!!! Traveling with drugs - good times. I have definitely been there, and it's amazing how you take such good care of your little vials of drugs... Regarding aspirin, I would definitely ask the doc. A lot of docs advise this in IVF cycles!

S said...

Good luck with the Lupron. I didn't have many side effects from it, just a couple of headaches (which I am prone to anyway).

My RE had me take a daily baby aspirin during my cycle, so it might help, but I wouldn't take anything unless it was recommended and/or cleared by your RE. I think they need to know everything you're taking to effectively manage your care.

Anonymous said...

I would ask the Dr. about the aspirin. But it all sounds very exciting!! A shortage of Lupron? Did those companies take a summer break? Have a great time on your vacation!!

Marissa said...

My RE puts everyone on low-dose aspirin following retrieval. It *might* help (particularly if you have/suspect you have) clotting issues, and it probably won't hurt.

Of course, some people are allergic, and it does put you at a risk for bleeding, so...ask first, I'd say.

Mrs. R said...

ooo, good to know about the alcohol. i am on day 2 of stims and have been wondering about that.

Kelli said...

Hi~stopping by from Cycle exciting to get all your stuff! Definitely ask your RE about the baby aspirin, I know I;m on it.