Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ovulation Conundrums

There has been a little theory niggling it's way around my tiny brain. It has been gaining steam lately and I thought I'd share it here and see what you ladies think.

Theory: the Ovidrel trigger shot does not make me ovulate.

Evidence: remember this post? This was right after my first experience with Ovidrel, during our clomid/timed intercourse cycle last October, and I felt, very confidently, that I did not ovulate. I frantically consulted Dr. Google and was told that everyone ovulates on the trigger shot.

Evidence: when the October cycle failed, I went in for a CD3 ultrasound and was told I had a cyst and we couldn't proceed.

Evidence: January IUI, I still felt no Ovidrel symptoms, and didn't go for a CD3 ultrasound because of my impending lap. No idea if I had a cyst or not.

Evidence: this post, in which I complain that my natural cycles yield way more symptoms than medicated cycles.

Evidence: April IUI failed, no Ovidrel symptoms, a giant cyst.

Evidence: EVERY TIME we try to do two treatment cycles back-to-back, we are benched by a cyst. EVERY TIME I am ovulating on my own, I have symptoms. Lots of CM, sore nipples, etc. I have had these symptoms the past few days, which happened to be CDs 10-13. I never have these symptoms on Ovidrel.

And then, oddly enough, there's a cyst on my ovary. Which should have left and ventured toward my tubes. But, it didn't.

Anyone have any experience on this? Perhaps I need a higher dose of Ovidrel? Maybe I need  a different drug to trigger ovulation? Am I just making all this up? Maybe synthetic ovulation just has different symptoms than natural ovulation.



Articia said...

They would test my progesterone about 7 days after the took Ovidrel. My understanding is that they progesterone level would indicate whether or not I ovulated. But from what I've read, the only way to know for sure is my u/s. I also developed cysts after each cycle. I didn't realize though that that was b/c those follicles never released? My RE told me it was perfectly normal. Anyway, I read on Dr. Sher's blog that he actually doesn't like Ovidrel b/c it often doesn't work. He mentions another hCG shot he uses but I don't remember the name. He said that in a lot of women the Ovidrel isn't enough, that they would need 2 shots for it to be effective. Whatever your case may be, I hope you get your answers soon. If it's one thing I've learned through all of this it's that we have to ask questions and be our own advocates.

Anonymous said...

I had the same fear, but I had my blood drawn and I did ovulate every time. You should talk to your doctor about your fears, and maybe find some answers that way.

Alex said...

I don't have any personal experience, but I agree with the prior posters in that you should talk to your doc, and get some testing after ovulation to confirm your suspicions. You definitely have to take charge of your own treatment, and not assume that your doc will figure it out all on their own - we know our bodies the best! Keep us posted on what you find out.

Marissa said...

My clinic has had some unsuccessful triggers with IVF (no, you don't ovulate, but the egg does break free from the follicle lining).

Higher doses, doing IM instead of sub-q (can't remember how you did it), and switching brands are all recommended.

You can take a pregnancy test 12 hours after your trigger--should be positive.