Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Friday

Scene: At the gym. Zumba class is starting in 5 minutes and the previous class is letting out.

Gym member: How many kids do you have?
Instructor for previous class: Four. I have a singleton, a pair of twins, and another singleton.
[Lulu’s ears perk up at the mention of twins. Could they be the result of ART? Or is this lady just super fertile?]
Gym member: Holy cow!
Instructor: Yeah, the first three were in vitro babies, we conceived the fourth one on our own.
[exit Gym member. Instructor is fiddling with iPod conspicuously closely to Lulu’s purse. Lulu is deeply involved in an internal struggle of privacy vs. connecting with fellow infertiles]
Lulu: [sauntering over nonchalantly to remove an imaginary item from her purse] So, did I hear you say you did in vitro?
Instructor: Yes, yes I did.
Lulu: Did you go to _____?
Instructor: Yes, I went over to Big City to see _____.
Lulu: I’m going to meet him on Monday.
Instructor: Oh! I’m so excited for you! He is just the best. His staff is great and […more rambles about how awesome he is…]. I had four pregnancies there. I lost two. I have three children from the other two.
[Lulu and Instructor share in warm eye exchange that would be a hug if they even knew each other’s first names. End scene]


Alex said...

Love this! I have a vision of everyone talking about their IF experiences like other things - like what regular doc do you go to? Love that you two were so open about it!!! Good for you!

Articia said...

This is a great story! It's so comforting to make connections like that so randomly. You just never know where you're gonna find them...

Still A Guest Room said...

It's amazing the way infertility immediately connects people!

Anonymous said...