Saturday, September 10, 2011

Retrieval scheduled!

I have 10 follicles on my right and 7 on my left. Some are smaller, but my educated, very optimistic guess is I'll end up with 10 eggs. That would be fantastic.

Estradiol is 2125. No wonder I have been so weepy lately. Last time it was only 675, so I'm hoping that means good things. I'm on estrace post-transfer instead of hcg boosters, thank god.

Retrieval is scheduled for Tuesday morning. Transfer either Friday or Sunday.

All in all the stims went very quickly this time. Being on vacation for five of the days helped. Yesterday I really started feeling my ovaries and I was exhausted and emotional all day. I hung out with my friend H last night and she really helped cheer me up.

My husband is being sweet and supportive, as always. The pregnancy test is scheduled for 9/28 and is birthday is 10/9. He said "Maybe I'll get a baby for my birthday!"

I do have things to look forward to if this cycle fails. We have Wicked tickets in October and I'm traveling to see the Indigo Girls in November, which I am SUPER excited about. They have been my favorite group since age 15. I will be okay if it doesn't work, but I hope it does.

I feel excited, nervous, and a little scared. It feels surreal to be doing it all for the second time.

Let's cross our fingers that this retrieval/fertilization goes more smoothly than the last.


Chickenpig said...

Tons of luck!!!! Beautiful eggs, beautiful eggs!

I love the Indigo Girls. I was wondering if you were a fan because of the title of you blog :) I hear the song in my head every time I come over here.

MaryMargaret said...

Good luck with your retrieval- keeping my fingers crossed for lots of healthy, mature eggs that fertilize and grow, grow, grow! What a great E2 level!

Have you seen Wicked before? Hands down, my favorite show, EVER. If you've read the book, it's quite a bit different, but in a great way.

Gigi said...

Love your 'shitty eggs' label, made me laugh... great sounding numbers on all counts, I wish you the best with retrieval on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!
Crossing all appendages that this cycle will be the one!

Marissa said...

I figured (from your blog title) that you were an Indigo Girls fan. Me too! I've seen them a handful of times--they're so much fun live. Now I want to know your favorite songs!

Very much looking forward to your retrieval--hoping it will go fabulously with many mature, healthy eggs harvested from those poor, swollen ovaries.

Marissa said...

I *love* Dairy Queen. I've never been able to say quite why, but I totally dig it. Really like Fill It Up Again from that same album too. When I was in high school, I was really into Emily's ballads, but I've kind of moved on (in that they're not what I reach for, but I still do love them!).

Are you into Ani DiFranco or Dar Williams at all?

And yeah, you're right, it's not just pregnant women--it's pretty much most women. Most people, come to that. ;)

Anonymous said...

My fingers are crossed! Good luck!

Drevas said...

Sending lots of good luck your way! Thinking of you!

Chelsea said...

I just found your blog, very timely as I'm currently cycling and retrieving this week too. Best of luck to you today, I hope all goes perfectly!

Alex said...

Good luck at your retrieval! I'll be thinking of you!!!