Monday, September 19, 2011

1dp5dt - cryo report

Well, we have one embryo frozen - a hatching blastocyst.

I'm disappointed that of 17 eggs, 14 mature, and 10 great-looking embryos, we only wound up with three total embryos to work with.I'm also a bit annoyed that we have to pay the $700 to freeze one embryo. It would have been the same amount to freeze 15 or 6 or 1.

Mainly though, I just wish we would have had two to freeze. That would have made me feel so much better.

If this cycle fails, after transferring two blasts, I can't see myself feeling very hopeful about an FET with just one. I know it doesn't necessarily work that way, but how do you get pregnant from one if you don't get pregnant from two?

However, if this cycle works, it might be perfect to have one frosty. And we do have every indication to think this cycle will work.

Mixed feelings, I guess.


Alex said...

This cycle is going to work and little frostie can be your next baby!!! Sending you all the positive vibes I have to you and your embies!!!

Jem said...

Hey, at least you got one! I'm hoping that it turns out to be the little brother or sister of the one(s) in your belly!

Lmac said...

Stick embies stick!!!! we are only a day apart in our IVF cycle!

Emily said...

I know how difficult it is to find out that out of so many eggs you have so few to choose from. Our first cycle we have 18 eggs and NO embryos to transfer, so I totally get it.

BUT, your little frostie DID make it. They wouldn't have froze him if they didn't think he had a very real chance at becoming a baby.

Besides that, you will only need one to be a younger sibling to your twins :)

Marissa said...

I understand where you're coming from. I'm so sorry things didn't go better.

I know every IVF is different, but with mine, in the first one, I had 6 workable embryos of 15 eggs...and only got a miscarriage out of it. 2nd time, 3 workable of 18 (which was HEARTBREAKING), and, well, by all indications, my twins are doing great.

It doesn't make any sense how the quality and viablity of each embryo is so, SO unrelated to the others in its batch, but that really does seem to be the case, for me and for many others.

I hope Tiny and Teeny become a baby or two that you get to raise.


Gigi said...

Mixed feelings, sure, but let's focus all our positive vibes to the 2 you've got now + the 1 that survived to freeze! One to freeze is better than none & it's wonderful that all the embryos made it to blast stage, lookit how much higher your odds are for a BFP... praying for you :-)

MaryMargaret said...

I understand your disappointment. After such a great showing by your ovaries, the embryos didn't want to perform. Also, the cryo program costs suck.

However, you DO have two beautiful little blasts nestling in nicely right where they belong and one happy blast chilling out, just waiting to be called up as a little brother or sister! And that's pretty amazing.