Wednesday, April 6, 2011

5dpiui already?

I’m at 5dpiui and I’m very pleased with this 2ww so far. Maybe because I don’t really care about this cycle, and maybe because everything moved so quickly this time that it took me by surprise, but I haven’t spent 5 days agonizing over whether or not it worked and it’s been nice.

I don’t really have much longer to wait. I’ll probably test on 10 or 11dpiui, which would be next Monday or Tuesday. Also, the last two cycles I’ve gotten the gut feeling around 7 days in that it didn’t work. I’m not even going to try to ignore that this time. So, optimistically, I’ll know by the end of the week if it worked or not ; )

One thing that has seriously cramped my style is that my nurse banned me from the gym for the 2ww. No Zumba, no elliptical, nothing but gentle yoga and slow walking on the treadmill. I joined the gym immediately after my last IUI failed, so I guess I didn’t know what I was missing during that 2ww. But I miss it this time. I understand the precaution, but I’m really growing tired of making personal sacrifices for pregnancies that don’t even end up existing.

On the symptom front, there’s nothing to report. Some mild cramping. I feel like my boobs are bigger, but that’s probably because I’m gaining weight from not making it to the gym. Mainly, I’m dealing with crippling constipation which I’d be thrilled to blame on the progesterone but actually started long before my insemination. It’s so bad that my whole abdomen hurts when I move. I’m thinking of self-administering an enema at home because I’m so uncomfortable.
In other news, I booked a ticket to San Francisco over Labor Day weekend. I couldn’t be more excited. I have a friend from high school who lives 40 minutes outside of the city. I went last year over Memorial Day weekend and I loved California and I’ve wanted to go back ever since. I’ve been looking at tickets about once a month and just happened to find some cheapies for a weekend when Laura was free. This time I get to go for three and a half days, instead of just two and a half, and of course my lodging is free, so it will be a wonderful trip.

(I didn’t bother to ask my nurse before I booked the tickets. I figure even if I’m 5 months pregnant with twins I’d still be able to fly. Plus, I stressed out so much about planning our cruise because I was certain I’d be pregnant by then and look how that turned out! I’m determined to plan on this IUI not working. I did buy the trip insurance though – I’m a sucker for that stuff.)


Drevas said...

Gosh, Lulu... you sound so relaxed that you MUST be pregnant this time! :)

Seriously though, I think it's great that time is moving quickly for you. I really do hope that this is the cycle for you. It's so great that everything has gone smoothly so far!

Thinking of you!

PS - Can I come to CA too and hang out with you guys? :) Jealous! I've been to California twice and I love it too!

Alex said...

I have hope for this cycle for you! Constipation sounds awful! The one thing that I have found works the best (and is pregnancy-safe) is Milk of Magnesia. Take a couple tablespoons at night, and you're guaranteed some action the next day!

Hope that in the next few days you get some great news!!!

Still A Guest Room said...

Hope the 2ww continues to pass quickly, and really hoping this cycle works!

abracadabrababy said...

Here from Cyclesista. Hope your wait flies by!

Kerrik said...

The constipation sounds awful. Have you tried any stool softeners? They are considered safe with pregnancy.

I'm so glad you are feeling so relaxed. So far everything sounds great. Fingers crossed!

Nat said...

Hi Lulu,
Been following your blog and I feel happy for you!
I was told to abort my #4 IUI today because of too many follicles. Doc told me to practice contraception. SIGH.
I hate my husband's guts. He agree with this new RE that I saw today even though I told him my other RE said the other follicles are too small and I really only have 2 which are growing nicely.
Arghhhh. I hate it. I got scolded by the husband during the weekend when I left my injections (puregon) outside instead of the fridge causing us to have to purchase an entirely new set. And now that we've come so far (TTC for 1.5 years already), he thinks we should not take chances and abort.


Anyway, hope to hear BFP from you. :) You can then toss some baby dust over!

Baby Mamma said...

I found your blog on cyclesista - good luck! It's weird how some 2ww are easier than others. Hang in there and good for you for booking your trip. It's good to find that sweet spot of balancing hope with caution.

This was a great entry for me to read - I'm having one of those "how am I going to make it 2 weeks" kind of 2ww, so this was great perspective.

Hope you get some good news!!