Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I always knew I had a gut

Ladies and gentlemen! Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for!
That’s right, I started provera today. I was going to wait until Friday but the two extra days just ended up being too much for me. Yes, I’m that pathetic. Now I’m just wishing I didn’t have to take the five pills one at a time. Can’t I just cram them all down my gullet at once and start a Mega Period like, tomorrow?
I have been obsessed with infertility blogs of late. The best are when I can tell by the landing page that the writer is a mom. Then I navigate the archives to 2006 or so and start at the beginning. It’s fascinating reading.
So I guess now would be a good time to record my gut feelings about this journey so a year from now I can either exclaim over how succinctly I predicted everything or despair over how naive I was.
1) My gut feeling is that we will get pregnant without IVF. That I just need a little help ovulating and will get pregnant with clomid/timed intercourse or at the most clomid/IUI.
2) My gut feeling is that we’ll get pregnant the first month.
3) My gut feeling is that I won’t have any miscarriages.
4) My gut feeling is that it will be twins.
Of course, sometimes a “gut feeling” is indistinguishable from “wanting it so bad it hurts”. The incredible thing is that I’m not a very optimistic person but all of these premonitions are overwhelmingly positive. Maybe I’ll be wrong on all accounts and I’ll learn that my gut isn’t worth shit.
Although I did have a gut feeling that I’d be infertile.
Here’s to hoping~

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