Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cost of IVF #1

As you know, I am touchy about the fact that my insurance covers IVF. Please know that my coverage is not due to any diligence or merit on my part. It is sheer luck that I was born in this state, chose to settle here, and this state has a mandate.

Whenever those closest to me discuss my treatments with me, I explain how I am currently feeling: good, bad, and ugly. But I always, always mention how fortunate we are to have insurance coverage. IVF would not be an option if we did not. I mention this every single time because no one here knows how much things vary from state to state and it feels like a tiny bit of advocacy.

Regardless, I feel that mentioning my insurance coverage is like pouring salt into the wounds of those who do not have it. I believe that I would feel that way if I were in your shoes. If that is the case, feel free to skip this post.


While it’s always possible that the miscellaneous EOB might still roll in, it has been a week since beta so I think I’ve gotten the bulk of them. I thought I would post this image (which should enlarge if you click on it) of my spreadsheet of costs for this cycle.

A few notes:
-          I think it’s legitimate to include my Wellbutrin (WB) as an IVF cost. I have struggled with depression my whole life but only when my last IUI failed did I turn to medication. I do not believe infertility causes my depression; I do believe it exacerbates it to the point of needing medication.
-          This is only the cost for IVF. This does not include my two IUIs in 2011, or the laparoscopy I had.
-          I have officially reached my Out of Pocket Max for the year. All IVF procedures I have before 12/31/11 will be covered 100%. Our next cycle we will have to pay the drug co-pays and the $640 for cryopreservation (we’ll feel fortunate to get to pay this if we end up needing it).
-          Please don’t decode my abbreviations and use them to stalk me. Thank you.
-          I am really only sharing this because I think it’s interesting. I like spreadsheets. I’m a nerd. If you are not a nerd, don’t like spreadsheets, and don’t find it interesting, I apologize.


annoyed army wife said...

I love you and your spreadsheets. I'm just creating my own right now for our upcoming IVF #1. I am jealous of your insurance coverage, as my insurance doesn't cover the cost of treatment, but it's more a wish that we did have insurance that covered it, not a malicious jealousy. I really appreciate you posting this to educate people about the costs involved. While I don't have insurance that covers infertility treatments we are fortunate all the testing is covered. And we are lucky enough to have been good savers for our rainy day fund and to have the resources and options to pursue our first round quickly.

Stacy said...

How many IVFs does it cover? That is awesome that it is covered.

Jem said...

I once saw an Italian movie, I think it was with that crazy Italian that won an Oscar for a Holocaust film, where, at the birth of his child, he was presented a bill by his own father, to pay his father back for the cost of raising him. I remember the poster was a man climbing to the roof of a train with a very long receipt (the old-fashioned kind from old adding machines) streaming behind him as he rushed to pay back his debt.

Having a baby is expensive. So is not having one.

The World Needs More Nerds said...

Wow - IVF for only 1200 that is amazing!! We are one of the not so fortunate that doesn't have any coverage for anything infertility related so to see what you had covered is awesome! Like you said, its all about your state and what they require so we aren't bitter its just a fact. I loved the spreadsheets I think I might just have to start my own :) hope your next IVF is the one for you!

Chickenpig said...

I am very lucky to have IVF insured, twice! I started doing IVF before our state had mandatory coverage, the company chose to cover IVF on their own.

However, it is still up to company what part of infertility it covers. In Ct, where I live, it is mandatory that company insurance covers ART, but to what extent? According to the finance officer at my clinic, the state mandate doesn't help most people because of loopholes in the law. If the company you work for doesn't want to pay, they can get out of it.

The new insurance company my husband's job picked up covers 'three rounds of treatment' according to state guidelines. It doesn't define which treatment, so you can do three rounds of IUIs or three rounds of IVF. Which would you choose? :) We'll pay the same for out FET as we would for IVF, which costs almost 3x as much.

thirtiesgirl said...

This is really interesting! I also have insurance--albeit for only 1-2 cycles. I too feel guilty about it--but this is the only way we could afford it. I wish it could be $1000 for all patients.

Emily said...

I have to say, I am very impressed with your bookkeeping! I haven't even thought about what we have spent, but that is probably because we have just crossed the $20,000 mark as I don't live in a state that requires coverage.

But how awesome for you! Yay!

TurtleMama said...

You are very lucky! My state (Mississippi) doesn't cover squat! We are taking out a line of credit on our mortage to pay down our credit cards.

LC said...

Completely impressed with your spreadsheets - so easy to read & informative. :) I, too, have coverage and I think I would drop dead if I added up everything that has been covered thus far.

Alex said...

I love your spreadsheet, and it's much better than mine! Yes, you're very lucky, as am I. But I have to say, my out of pocket was about 3X as much as yours, but still much much less than paying for it myself!

JM said...

Pretty impressive! I have awesome insurance too (benefit of DH being a Dr not living in a good state) and it sometimes embarrasses me how little I'm paying for this round of injectables/IUI. Embrace it, be thankful for it, that's all you can do.

Good luck!