Thursday, August 18, 2011

IVF #2 Protocol

8/12 start BCP
8/23 start Lupron
8/29 suppression check and bloodwork, take last BCP
9/2 start Bravelle and Menopur
9/7 follicle check and bloodwork
retrieval week of 9/12
transfer week of 9/19

If you’re cycling with me, let me know!

Also, I’ll be traveling with both the Lupron and the FSH this time, so if you have any tips about flying with needles let me know. I’m getting a doctor’s note but I already tend to look suspicious to security people, and it’s a few days before 9/11, so I’m a bit nervous.


Emily said...

I'm a week ahead of you!

No tips on flying with needles, but I do want to wish you a good luck. I can totally understand how that would be nerve-racking.

Marissa said...

I would probably not stab the security guy in the eye with a needle. That's about my only advice.

So excited for you!!

annoyed army wife said...

Good luck! Definitely let us know what you find out about flying with meds if someone gives you a great tip. I'm going to be about 2 weeks behind you with my IVF #1.

My New Normal said...

I may be cycling with you depending on when AF arrives. Also, I've travelled quite a bit with meds and needles and have had no problems at all. I've carried them in my hand luggage and kept the doctor's note in my wallet. But as of now I have yet to be questioned.

I've been on planes between the UK and the US, the UK and Spain, and the UK and Portugal with no issues.

Gigi said...

I'm cycling with you, I'll pray for us & others cycling too!

Jen said...

My IVF #2 just got postponed. I should end up being a few weeks behind you. As for traveling with the drugs, I had to do this back in January with a gonal f pen. I had it in a small soft cooler with an ice pack, and kept it in my carry-on luggage. I wanted it with me on the plane to control the temperature since the cargo holds fluctuate a lot. The ended up pulling my bag aside to examine it. I did have a note from my doctor that the didn't ask to see. I told them what was in the cooler, and it all worked out fine. What they did tell me was to pull the cooler out of my suitcase the next time, and put it though the xray by itself. I did this on my return trip, and got through without a question. Hope that helps. And good luck with this cycle!

TurtleMama said...

Whoohoo! - We are almost cycle buddies:) I hope this cycle goes better- sounds like it will - I feel like the first IVF is a trial run. I flew with meds. I had a little lunchbox with an icepack in it. They did not give me any trouble at either airports. I had a doctor's note, but they did not even look at it. Good luck!

Lmac said...

I too am a week ahead of you!!! Started meds this week for first IVF!

Julie Anita said...

I just found you through your comment on Alex's blog. I was drawn to your name because I'm having twin girls (after over two years of infertility, four rounds of Clomid, three with IUI, and a round of injectables with IUI) and we're naming one of them Talulah and calling her Lulu. Incidentally, I also got married in August 08 :) Good luck traveling with your meds-- I'm sure it won't be a problem, but good luck all the same. <3

Stacy said...

Good luck!

Kristen said...

Good luck with your cycle!
I've traveled with IVF supplies several times, even internationally and my tip is to have everything together and take it out and alert the TSA agents that you're sending it through. I've always carried a doctor's note but never needed it. I haven't had any problems.
FIngers crossed for you!

mare said...

good luck! still following and rooting for you. xoxo.