Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grrrr and cycle update

I just found out another co-worker is pregnant. She doesn’t work on my team but she’s in my department. All in all not a devastating announcement, but annoying.

Now I know people due in August (my co-worker/friend Annie), September (my friend J), and October (this new announcement).

I swear to god I better get pregnant soon. I’m going to be seeing red this fall if I’m not.


In that vein, IUI #2 starts next week whether my uterus likes it or not. If I haven’t started a period by March 22 (CD 35 - next Tuesday), we’ll start provera to induce and get the ball rolling. When I consulted A about the plan he merely groaned. That’s about as much enthusiasm as I can muster, too.

I guess I should be optimistic. They did clear out some endo last month so our chances have to be better than they were in January when we had IUI #1. But I’m a little peeved that the lovely 20 day ovulatory cycle I had after IUI #1 was seemingly a fluke. Today is CD 29 and no sign of aunt flo. Damn you, PCOS. I hate you.

That is all.


Alex said...

I hate getting the pregnancy announcements, I really do. Just realized I recently announced my own pregnancy, but I worked hard at this one! :) It sucks though - knowing people out there can get prego so easily, and not us...

I hope this next IUI is successful for you - you definitely should be optimistic! C'mon AF - show!!!

Drevas said...

UGH... I loathe pregnancy announcements. It doesn't matter how well you know the person... it's still super obnoxious.

Hope AF gets here soon so you can get started with IUI #2! Will you be using Clomid again?

Kerrik said...

The pregnancy announcement situation sucks, but try not to lose hear just yet about being at CD29. Af could still come in the next day or two and that would still be considered a "normal" length wouldn't it?

Wishing you lots of luck for IUI #2, hopefully it is the last one you'll ever need :)

Marissa said...

*kicks your PCOS in the face*

Rooting for you this coming IUI!!!

Still A Guest Room said...

Sorry about the pregnancy announcements, and hoping you start soon!