Sunday, May 6, 2012

35w5d, ramblings

  1. We finished our childbirth class, which I loved. Every approach was covered: epidural vs some pain killers vs natural birth; c-section, vaginal, and assisted deliveries, etc. I feel much more prepared just knowing the process that will happen either way I deliver.
  2. Last week we also took a two-part breastfeeding class. The information was pretty general but I still learned a lot. She told us how to manually express our milk, so I tried it when I got home. Seriously! There is baby juice in my breasts! It dropped out 3-4 drops from each side! I was so amazed by this, and also a tiny bit freaked out. I certainly have more respect for my breasts now. It was nice to get to know the lactation consultant I'll be working with.
  3. The LC told us that they give mom and baby a “golden hour” immediately after delivery to try to nurse, skin to skin. I had a very stressful morning last week trying to explain this to my mom, who just wants "five minutes" with the baby before I start to nurse. For now, the plan is my husband just won't announce that the baby has been born until we're ready for visitors.
  4. We went on a Serious Shopping Extravaganza with all of our gift cards to get remaining things off of our registry. We are almost 100% ready to bring baby home now. The only big thing we have left is to install our car seat bases and assemble the swing when it arrives.
  5. I am 99% sure baby is still breech. I feel kicks that are low and internal (like, on my organs, not my abdomen), and I think I feel his head lodged against my right side. The other night he started making really jerky movements, butting his head against the skin under my right ribcage. I was like "You can't get out that way! Point your head at my hoo-ha, there's an escape hatch down there!"
  6. I have another ultrasound to check growth on Thursday, and I meet with the NP. Then I go to weekly appointments.


Alex said...

36 weeks! (well tomorrow - close enough :) ) I'm so excited for you! That's awesome that you got 3-4 drops from each side. I could barely get one drop from either side at the end of my pregnancy, and I had troubles with milk supply. So I'm very hopeful that this means that you'll have a great supply! Nice work explaining yourself to your mom. This is YOUR baby. The plan to wait to tell your family is very wise...

So excited for you!

mare said...

that is a great sign that you were able to express already!

i struggled with the time after delivery and the fam... i didn't do a good job of explaining it to them or having a plan in place (like you do) and everyone came rushing in within five minutes of A being born.

honestly, it didn't bother me so much in the end, because i was a little too shaky to hold A for long right away and needed to have some liquids and a snack to feel better (i labored for 36 hours... the first 24 without drugs). P and i were able to spend an hour with her uninterrupted about 15-20 minutes after she was born. but, for the next one, i think i will plan to do what you are doing... because it would have been nice to just be the three of us, even if it was P holding her until i was able...

anyway, now that i have taken over the comment section with my rambling... the point is, good idea on keeping the fam at bay!

congrats on 36 weeks!!! i hope baby gets himself pointed the right way soon ;)