Wednesday, January 25, 2012

21 week update and prenatal yoga

Last night I went to my first prenatal yoga class.

It was great timing. I stepped on the scale yesterday for the first time in 5 weeks, and I’ve gained 15 pounds already. I’m nervous that I’ll gain the maximum 35 pounds recommended, and I’ve been doing jack shit when it comes to exercise. I’ve kind of shot myself in the foot when it comes to taking the weight off easily after delivery.

Prenatal yoga was great. There were five of us, two at 28 weeks, one at 24 or 26 (I can’t remember), me at 21, and one at 16. It was nice to be around other pregnant women and compare bumps and symptoms. I helped set up the class, and one girl is my old college roommate, while another is a girl I met through my Resolve support group.

The yoga itself was nice. Relaxing but still challenging, and I felt limber and opened up when I left, just like I used to from regular yoga classes. I have been practicing yoga for 8 years, and this is a new territory for me, but I like it.

Most of all, it was nice to be around four other pregnant women and feel included. Last year, being stuck in a room with four belly bumps would have been a unique form of torture. But I belong now. I’m not saying it’s right to feel that way, but I do feel that way, and it was comforting. Of course part of me feels hugely guilty for this.

At the end, someone floated the idea of starting a Mommy and Me class in the fall once everyone’s little ones had arrived. It’s still weird to think I’ll be a mom in August, although my husband says I’m a mom now.


Other updates: The crib and the changing table have been assembled. The crib took one hour and only had 7 pieces total. The changing table took three hours, had a gazillion pieces, and we almost got divorced building it. The dresser came yesterday and neither of us have touched it. It’s the same brand as the changing table and it’s just too soon, the wounds are still too fresh ; )

My mobile is done and I hung it above the crib. I have two baby showers scheduled (3/31 at 30w4d, 4/28 at 34w4d). I am over the bug I had last week and feel MUCH better.

We are registering in two and a half weeks and I have a list created. I will post it another day and ask for feedback.

Thank you all for staying with me even though my blog is so boring these days.


TurtleMama said...

Glad you enjoyed your prenatal yoga class. There's a class that is starting up here in March. I still try to do some at home, but it's not as fun as a class.
So fun you are getting your nursery going. Our crib was so easy to assemble, but we have a dresser to put together soon and I am worried about that one:)
Good luck with registering!

Jem said...

Good for you for doing the prenatal yoga. I've been doing it at home with a DVD on and off from the beginning and I ALWAYS feel great afterwards.

Congrats on getting your crib set up. Do post pictures and details (what crib and where you got it).