Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nursery update

This post is going to make you barf, I'm sorry I'm even writing it. But not sorry enough to not impose it on you. : )

We have been working our asses off in the nursery. Almost immediately after I got my BFP, I started taking wallpaper down in there. Because I knew it was going to take for.fucking.ever and even if I had miscarried, oh well, at least the hideous wallpaper was gone!

Because this is what the nursery used to look like:
That is not our bed, or our cat, or our crap in totes, because we never once took a photo of this room ourselves. Because since we've moved in, this is where broken dreams have gone to die, and really, who wants photos of that?

So first step: get rid of that seizure-inducing wallpaper. Second step: start painting. This we started around 8 weeks I believe. Early, yes, but I was itching. We painted the walls gray and we (painstakingly) pulled off all the trim and painted it white.

Then, my husband took the reigns and tackled the floor. Your eyes are not tricking you - that carpet is PINK. He took it out, and this week he and his father put in some amazing new laminate floor. So now the nursery looks like this:
And I love it. Every day I go in there and just stand for a while. So now that the nursery is "ready", I have started buying shit like it's going out of style. Like soon, someone will just take my credit cards away (which will be my husband, if I don't get it under control).

We ordered furniture. Was it too early to order furniture at 19w2d? Yes, yes I'm sure it was. Did I panic immediately after clicking "submit" because I thought such an arrogant purchase would mean doom for our upcoming anatomy scan? I did indeed. But I am a planner, goddamnit, and infertility robbed me of the ability to plan when and how I would get pregnant. I am going to plan the pieces out of this pregnancy!

I hesitate to post links to what we bought, because I don't want ya'll judging me. Because we bought cheap furniture. We got three pieces for $450. Why? Because that's what we could afford.

The crib is a Graco, and many reviews assured me that, although inexpensive, it was a quality crib and would stand the test of time.

The changing table and dresser are low-end pieces, and that's okay with me. The baby's not sleeping in those so it's okay if they're cheap. The main thing that bothered me about these two pieces is the cheap-looking drawer pulls, so I purchased a 12 set of these to really brighten them up.

Then I commissioned my MIL to make me some solid yellow curtains. I bought this adorable garland to drape over the curtains.

I've also been crafting a lot. Several weeks ago I made this:
I was inspired by something I saw in an etsy shop, but my elephants are cuter and I like my quote better, and mine just turned out really well altogether, I'd say.

I was also inspired by this etsy shop of felt nursery mobiles. Honestly, everything in that shop is the cutest effing thing I've ever seen! Over NYE weekend I made my own birds. Once the crib is up, I'll attach them to a mobile and hang them, but for now they look like this:

So, that's what I've been up to. I am planning for this baby like a normal pregnant woman and I really hope that means I'm a normal pregnant woman.


Marissa said...

Things look great!!!

I'll post pictures of our nursery sometime. We went cheap too. In fact, we only bought cribs and a glider. We'll be changing on top of a re-purposed dresser and we have another (non-matching!) dresser as well. We got a hanging book case at a yard sale, as well as a lamp. (Though I do want a new shade.)

That's it. I don't think babies really care much about super expensive nursery items anyway...

Still A Guest Room said...

Love, love, love it all!

Shelly said...

Just found your blog. My daughter just found out she is pregnant and I googled 4w0d and found you. I look forward to reading your blog. This is the blog I am doing for her.