Friday, December 2, 2011

NT Scan drama

I am writing this post because many of my readers will be pregnant some day and will hopefully not screw up like I did.

So, the NT scan. This is where they measure the nuchal fold via ultrasound to determine the baby’s odds of Down Syndrome and other chromosomal problems. I always assumed I would have this scan done.

Because I had ultrasounds via my RE at 6, 8, and 10 weeks, I did not get in for my “New OB” appointment until 12w1d. This is where you discuss diet, family history, pediatricians, etc. I understand this appointment usually happens earlier.

At the New OB appt they gave me some info about CF screening and a Quad Marker test. My understanding is that the Quad Marker test sometimes gives a false positive, and that viewed alongside the NT scan, you have a better idea of your risks. But no one mentioned the NT scan.

Somewhere along the way, I misunderstood and thought the NT scan happened at 20 weeks during the anatomy scan. But then I realized all of my pregnant blogging friends were having it done at 12-13 weeks.

So last night I had time and I googled “NT scan”, and realized the last day it can be done is 13w6d, which is next Monday for me.

I called my OB’s office. They said the NT scan is not offered unless you are of advanced maternal age. They don’t even do it at their office, but send you 45 minutes away to a Maternal-Fetal specialist, who only does them on Tuesdays and can’t get me in on Monday.

So, I’m bummed. I certainly wish I had been on the ball requesting the NT scan earlier because 1) It would be great to have it to go along with the Quad Marker test and 2) It’s always great to see the baby, no matter what.

But, I’m not going to let it get me down. Dr. Google told me that at age 25 my chances of having a baby with Down’s is 1:1250.

What are your opinions/experiences with the NT scan?


Chickenpig said...

The NT scan isn't necessary at your age. I don't know why they told you that a specialist needs to do it, because a regular US tech did mine, they just had a doc look over pictures and measurements. It isn't much more than a regular US.

Jem said...

I agree with Chickenpig. Don't beat yourself up. Being of advanced maternal age (41), my chance of Down Syndrome was 1:89 (or something like that). Luckily we did the NT and a CVS test and all is well.

At your age, I'm sure your baby is fine!

TurtleMama said...

I just had my NT scan yesterday - it was just a fancy u/s which was good. I am 35 so chance of down's is 1/250 or .4 %. not very high, but I made the cut-off for getting insurance to pay for the scan. I can understand wanting to be sure that everythng is ok, but in your case, you probably don't have anything to worry about. I imagine they will do a 20 week anatomy scan on you and that would pick up problems if there were any.

Marissa said...

To be honest, I wanted it for two reasons: (1) ultrasound! yay!, and (2) bloodwork really isn't very reliable with twins, and I wanted to know sooner rather than later if one was incompatible with life.

NT isn't diagnostic--if you have increased odds, you'd still have to decide if you want to amnio (I think you're past the CVS window) or not. And I've been told that *most* abnormalities, particularly those from T18 and T13, are visible on later ultrasounds.

Really, all it does is give you rough odds, which can make you feel better (or worse), but don't really tell you a lot. Well, and it gives you another peek at the baby. Sequential screenings/quad test/etc gives you the same info, minus the peek.

Stacy said...

I did not do them with my son. I am a nervous wreck during pregnancy anyways. I was 26 when I was pregnant with my son.... if I ever make it that far again, I don't think I will get it. I have been told they are not covered by insurance until you are older.

Mrs. H said...

I wouldn't beat yourself up especially since no good will come of it. The NT scan as far as I know is usually for those of advanced maternal age. My doc has already told me bc I fall in that category it's mandatory as well as an amnio. I wouldn't worry too much at your age. Sucks that they only do it so far away though.

thirtiesgirl said...

It's sounds like the other ladies gave you great advice. Also your odds are so low, that's great!