Wednesday, November 2, 2011

9w1d - bella band is my new best friend.

Today a girl at work brought me a Bella band. As previously mentioned: BLOAT. Apparently others have noticed ; )

It was fun putting it on, and it was so much more comfortable. I feel silly for needing it at 9 weeks, but I have a road trip and concert next week (Indigo Girls) and had been dreading the drive in jeans. Jeans are impossible right now.

You know when you go shopping for wedding dresses? And no matter how poorly the first dress fits, or how it's not at all what you want, or for whatever reason, you'd never dream of buying it, you still catch your breath when you look at yourself in a wedding dress for the first time?

That's how this felt.


MaryMargaret said...

I'm so glad you feel more comfortable! I love the wedding dress comparison. Have fun at the concert!

Kerrik said...

1) Jealous...I love the Indigo Girls!
2) No worries about starting on the bella band at 9 weeks. I was so bloated, I had the bella band by 7 weeks. That is the great thing about the bella band is that you can use it for a while before you are really ready for maternity clothes.