Tuesday, November 22, 2011

12 weeks! And a giveaway!

Hello everyone. I am VERY thrilled to say I have made it to 12 weeks. There is some debate about when the first trimester ends, but this calculator says that I'm out of the woods developmentally. So I'm celebrating : )

12 weeks means I'm going to announce on facebook - probably on Thursday (Thanksgiving). Now, we all know that pregnancy announcements are like a knife in the gut - probably worse - when you're infertile. I know that I want to reference my infertility in some way, but I'm not sure the most perfect way to phrase things.

Right now I'm thinking something along the lines of "A and I are very thankful to announce that we're expecting! The past two years have been difficult, but I can honestly say that now, it was all worth it."

I don't know how much detail I want to go into. Do I want to mention IVF or the word "infertility" specifically? I don't want to totally overshadow the pregnancy part of the pregnancy announcement, but I want to give a clear shout out to any of my 263 friends who may be having trouble conceiving.

I know this is a fabulous "problem" to have, so for your trouble, I have something in return: I am giving away my copy of the Circle + Bloom IUI/IVF Mind-Body Program!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post letting me know either:
1) what gives you hope in your darkest days of treatment/waiting/TTC or
2) what you'd like to see in a facebook pregnancy announcement

I'll use a random generator to pick a winner on December 1st and contact the lucky lady.


The World Needs More Nerds said...

I would be as specific as you feel comfortable with. I really like the positive tone of your announcement but I wonder that if someone didn't know you had been struggling to conceive, they might just think you had a rough two years financially/at work/ etc. if that makes sense? But again, I would do what makes you most comfortable and happy :)

Drevas said...

Lulu! So, so happy to hear how well you and baby are doing! :) I'm so happy for you!

I think the Thanksgiving announcement is great... you truly do have something wonderful to be thankful for. I announced my pregnancy on facebook at 15 weeks and I said "After a long journey, and a lot of prayers, Mark and I are overjoyed to announce that we are expecting twins! Our little miracles are due February 2012." ... I definately didn't want to go into the details of fertility treatments but I think it spoke to the fact that these babies are indeed miracles and that we have waited a very long time for them.

Hope you and A have a GREAT holiday! :)

Jem said...

I love that Circle + Bloom program (I have it and don't need to be in the contest).

Just wanted to say that I really like you FB announcement idea. I've "come out" privately to most of my close friends on FB, but wasn't sure how to phrase an announcement. I don't want to be one of those people who don't say anything until the baby is born, so Thanksgiving is a perfect day to make the announcement.

To add on to the previous commenter, how about "A and I are very thankful to announce that we're expecting! It's taken us two years to get here, but I can honestly say that now, the difficult journey was worth it."

Marissa said...

I said something along the lines of "After 2 years of heartache, effort, and loss, {husband} and I are beyond thankful to announce that I have entered the 2nd trimester. We hope our twins stay safe inside until February."

So, no specific mention of IVF, but enough to let EVERYONE know we had had issues, and enough for people who know anything about IF to understand we'd had treatments of some sort. I got a lot of messages saying "Oh, we dealt with infertility too" and such, along with the congrats.

I'm not shy about doing IVF, but I wanted the focus to be on the successful pregnancy and not "why didn't you just adopt" and "how much did that cost?" crap from people I "friended" who aren't really friends.

(No need to enter me in the drawing. And I use Anji pregnancy meditations--I really like them!)

Stephanie Nichole said...

I think what your wanting to say is perfect. After all you only have to share as much as you want on Facebook and Twitter!

Honestly I only have Hope threw people and God...
My Husband, Our doctor and all of my friends on Twitter! But in my case God most importunely! Im so excited for you to get to tell your Facebook friends!<3

BreAnna said...

I think you should say as much as you are comfortable with. I liked the ideas you posted on Twitter.
As an aside, I know that some of the most painful announcements I've read have been on holidays especially as so many people choose to announce pregnancies on them. If you do announce on Thanksgiving I think it is particularly important to mention the infertility.

Erika said...

So excited for you! I say it's best to be as open as you want to be. The suggestions you've gotten already and your idea was great. Have fun with it, you've earned the right to love every minute of this!

BMar said...

Congrats on your 12 weeks! I am 12w 3d :)

I stole from another blog (with permission:))

We put on FB:

We Believed.... Baby M will be here June 2012 and posted this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b10OQ0qPT9A

Anonymous said...

So happy everything is going so well for you! Now that I have had my first ever BFP it's such a comfort to read your blog. Was espec touched when you bought the little pair of socks :)