Monday, January 4, 2010

Employee + 1

Today I spent the whole day in orientation for a job I have been doing for almost 15 months. I had to sit next to a really creepy new person who will be a manager and incidentally, after I had decided I disliked him, I noticed a piece of paper that listed his starting salary as over $87,000. So now of course I HATE him instead of casually disliking him. I will have to warn everyone I know about his creepiness because on the outside he looks quite handsome and debonair, but actually he is a weirdo. So there you go.
I learned all about my brand new benefits and let me tell you how excited I am about them. VERY EXCITED. I spent all day trying to be sneaky and email my co-workers snarky comments without the facilitator noticing. I also ate lunch with 5 ITS interns, so I obviously had nothing to contribute to that lunchtime conversation. That is, until one of them started bashing the English program, at which point I had to speak up, because really? At least we turn out some people with a little bit of personality!
Anyway I’m doing a lot of bitching about the day but it was really quite good. It’s just that often the things worth recording are the slightly irritating things. Because they are easier to find humor in than the moments of Oh Thank God That I Finally Get Health Insurance moments.
Also, pregnancy test on Friday? Monday? I don’t know. How much longer can I possibly wait??

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