Tuesday, April 17, 2012

33 weeks: The good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I am 33 weeks pregnant! WHAT? Yes indeed.

The good:
-          Obviously, every moment of 33 weeks pregnant is miraculous in its own way. I can’t believe I’m here.
-          I still love feeling baby move.
-          I have no stretch marks! Fingers crossed that it stays this way.
-          I really like the way my belly looks. It’s pretty. Miraculously, I still have a waistline – I’m a kind of demented hourglass shape, but an hourglass nonetheless.
-          I finally got my glider put together and up in the nursery. I spent a few minutes rocking on it. It was a moment I never really thought I’d have. I’m sure I’ll get tired of sitting in that thing but for now it’s a symbol of motherhood that has always seemed so far away.
-          My belly button is still an innie…but a not-very-far-innie! I give it a couple more weeks.
-          I prepped and stuffed all of my cloth diapers over the weekend. They’re ready for him once he reaches 7 lbs/once I’m ready to start using them.
-          My yeast infection is all cleared up!
-          Tonight is childbirth class 3 of 4 and we finally get to tour the birthing center, which just opened this spring and is brand spankin’ new.
-          Four more weeks till full term!

The bad:
-          I am exhausted. All the time. Like right now, and in an hour I will still be exhausted. I can’t sleep and the anemia probably doesn’t help.
-          I’m very achy, especially in my calves. Every night before bed my husband rolls them out with a rolling pin – hard. It feels great but by 2 am they ache again.
-          Sciatica…boo.
-          To quote my husband: “You get out of breath brushing your teeth”.
-          Work is boring. I have handed off the majority of my work (people need time to do it while I’m still here and ask me questions), but I still plan to work until my water breaks. It’s hard to get through the days when I’m so.fracking.tired and have nothing to do but stare at my computer monitor.

The ugly:
-          Boobs. They are gross. I really hope breastfeeding is smooth sailing because putting up with these beasts for no reason is going to be a bitter pill to swallow.
-          Swelling. I traded in my wedding/engagement ring a few weeks ago for a Diamonique ring of my grandma’s, and that helped a lot. My feet and toes are a little puffy but mainly my hands are throbby and sweaty at the end of the day.
-          I decided the “pregnant woman glow” is really just from being hot all the time. By lunch my face is flushed like I just ran a mile (which I assure you, I did not and could not). It’s not a delicate, pretty flush – more of an “out of shape” flush.
-          35+ pounds gained and 7ish more weeks to go. I don’t know how you ladies do this with twins! I am astonished. I’m worrying more and more about taking the weight off after baby comes.


Alex said...

Great post! Yes, at 33 weeks, there's a whole lot of good, bad, and ugly... :)

You're getting close!!!

TurtleMama said...

Congrats on 33 weeks! I got so out of breath just making up the damn bed this morning that I had to sit on the couch for 10 minutes to catch my breath! What kind of cloth diapers did you buy. I am going to do it, but can't decide about what kind.